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  • In the ubiquitous learning environment, learners in the single mode group encountered higher extraneous cognitive load due to the lack of text support. On the other hand, learners in the double mode group had lower extraneous cognitive load because they received support from text. Some learners learning with double mode needed only to overcome intrinsic cognitive load from the material itself. Hence, learners learning with...

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  • » Enterprise risk management. Generally speaking, enterprise risk management focuses on the totality of the risks across an enterprise rather than on each of its discrete risks or the risks of individual units or divisions within the organization. It is “a process that provides a robust and holistic top-down view of key risks facing an organization.”5 It also may include a “bottom-up” assessment of risks (i.e., an upward reporting of risk).

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  • The current UCITS framework provides little clarity on the institutions that are eligible to act as a depositary for a UCITS fund. According to Article 23(3) UCITS Member States enjoy significant discretion as to the institutions they deem eligible to act as UCITS depositaries, provided that the institutions comply with the requirements of Article 23 (2) (i.e. they are subject to prudential regulation and on-going supervision).

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  • There are several way so sustain the pure components equilibrium we have solved. Most importantly, the two goods in question can have di erent life-cycles leading to existence of consumers who already own one of the goods and are shopping only for the other. If number of such consumers is substantial the small gains that bundling brings can be o set with losses from these consumers who will be less likely to buy a bundle.

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  • Advances in technology have given rise to new power-driven devices that are not necessarily designed for people with disabilities, but are being used by some people with disabilities for mobility. The term “other power-driven mobility devices” is used in the revised ADA regulations to refer to any mobility device powered by batteries, fuel, or other engines, whether or not they are designed primarily for use by individuals with mobility disabilities for the purpose of locomotion.

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  • • Problem: Emphasis is on assignments, not on people. As a department manager, you are accustomed to facing and overcoming a series of problems. The people working in your department are there on a permanent basis, meaning that their task assignments are usually fixed and well-defined. But as project manager, you face a temporary situation. Problems are unique to the project and nonrecurring in nature. Your team members will not have well-defined areas of responsibility unless you define them. Solution: Pick the right people, not just the right number.

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  • The first two steps for a formal survey process are defining the survey objectives and determining who will be sampled. The participants are pre-selected and, thus, the response rate and the accuracy are expected to be high. There are 13 total questions included on the survey. For several of the questions, respondents are asked to state whether they agree or disagree with a particular statement; other questions are designed to solicit input with regard to identifying key leadership skills. The following describes the questions asked in the survey and includes an analysis of the data. ...

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  • A probit regression model is estimated in order to analyze how firm age and size affect the likelihood of being a HGF. The analysis confirms that firm age and size affect the probability of a firm becoming any type of HGF. Larger firms are more likely to be HGFs measured in absolute numbers and less likely when HGFs are measured in relative numbers. Firm age has a significant negative impact on the likelihood of being a HGF in almost all regressions, indicating that young firms are more likely to be HGFs irrespective of how HGFs are defined. Thus, new firm...

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  • The spokes of your steering wheel should be centered so that when it is pointed straight ahead, the car is doing the same. This will give you the proper reference upon straightening out your car. Place your hands on the steering wheel at the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions. Your arms should be bent at a 90° angle. Now, with either hand, grip the top of the steering wheel. You should be able to do so without stretching. Keep a relaxed grip on the wheel. When you come upon a...

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  • Simple objects of sensation: individual colours, tones, tastes, smells, etc. (objects of outer sensation), and als the constituent qualitative elements of e.g. feelings and emotions (objects of inner sensation). Clearly, such objects of sensation can themselves be aesthetically pleasing to different degrees, and their power to please is in some sense basic, not capable of being accounted for in terms of other, more primitive phenomena. Sensations will therefore constitute the first class of elementary aesthetic objects in Witasek's taxonomy....

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  • The history of internal bleaching can be traced back more than a century. Chloride was first used inside the pulp chamber as an internal bleaching agent, but the results were not efficacious. In 1958, Pearson was impressed by the positive bleaching effect of 30% hydrogen peroxide on the external surface of teeth. 1 The solution was used internally on a pulpless tooth for 3 days with great success. In 1961, Spasser mixed sodium perborate and water as an internal bleaching medium and placed the mixture into the tooth, employing interval appointments.

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  • However, although private final demand, output, and employment have indeed been growing for more than a year, the pace of that growth recently appears somewhat less vigorous than we expected. Notably, since stabilizing in mid-2009, real household spending in the United States has grown in the range of 1 to 2 percent at annual rates, a relatively modest pace. Households’ caution is understandable. Importantly, the painfully slow recovery in the labor market has restrained growth in labor income, raised uncertainty about job security and prospects, and damped confidence.

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  • This thesis offers three novel contributions to this area of research. After grounding the discussion in different notions of social interaction, i articulate a new theory of how context operates in the digital realm, focusing on how the underlying architectural differences require a new set of considerations. In particular, i tackle the problems that occur when situational contextual information is collapsed and how users reclaim this.

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  • Some sites are presented as virtual cities where digital individuals live their lives parallel to the ‘real ones’, some promote the images of real cities being an increasingly important place marketing tool. Especially the most iconic global tourist cities provide images that aim to give to these material places new meaning in the virtual space. Apart from being part of the virtual realm, webcams can, indeed, create ‘real interest on a real place’ adding to them “a whole new stratum of cultural space” (Campanella, 2004: 59).

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  • First errors of learning are usually gigantic. Then, and gradually, they diminish as one benefits of his/her errors. In a later stage of learning foreign or second language, learners are expected to reach a native speaker’s competence or, at least, near that competence where errors are either eliminated or minimized to the extent that their impact on the learners' communication disappears, or they go unnoticed. But, unfortunately, the case with most of second language learners’ errors is not so.

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  • We used a varied, qualitative research-based design process to accomplish the project objective and goals. The financial privacy notice prototype evolved in content and design based on an iterative process of consumer research, rigorous data collection, thorough analysis, and the expertise of the information designers and legal experts. Qualitative research uses small numbers of participants to explore in a realistic manner how and why consumers understand and make sense of a document.

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  • The audit work required for a live application review is very similar to that undertaken for a system under development with one main exception. When auditing an application under development, there is little opportunity for detailed audit testing. Audit work will focus on evaluating the adequacy of security and control using discussion and a review of technical documentation. The testing phase of the project may allow some scope for control testing, but this is artificial.

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  • The post-ANOVA analysis suggests that motorcyclists experience much higher exposures than other commuters travelling on the road (Test 1 of Table 3). The runner was found to have a significantly lower mean exposure than for the bus and car commuter for the route along which there was a dedicated pedestrian/cycleway (Test 2 of Table 3) but not significantly different for the route where the runner simply chose a less congested route (Test 9 of Table 3). This suggests that pedestrian/cycleways are effective in reducing exposures for runners.

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  • If the soil becomes saturated, oxygen may become scarce and in anoxic conditions, denitrifying bacteria may convert the nitrate to nitrogen gases (NO, N2O, and N2). Nitrogen converted to these gases becomes unavailable for plant uptake or for surface water contamination. Additionally, saturated soil during the growing season is harmful to many crops like maize that cannot tolerate low oxygen concentrations in the root zone for more than a few days.

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  • My grandfather came to this country circa 1895 from Montella, Italy. Around 1910, he started his grocery store, called Dominic Conti’s Grocery Store, on Mill Street in Paterson New Jersey, where he was selling the traditional Italian sandwiches. His sandwiches were made from a recipe he brought with him from Italy which consisted of a long crust roll, filled with cold cuts, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions, oil, vinegar, Italian spices, salt, and pepper. The sandwich started with a layer of cheese and ended with a layer of cheese (this was so the bread wouldn’t get soggy)....

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