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  • This book is dedicated to the memory of Gisèle Mersch whose life ended prematurely in June 2002. Back in the 1970s, when few people were using them, Gisèle introduced me to the arcane secrets of then advanced multivariate statistical methodologies. I was already involved in more classical statistical studies undertaken at Paris Observatory with Jean Jung: developing and applying maximumlikelihood algorithms to stellar photometric and kinematic data in order to derive absolute luminosities, distances and velocities in the solar neighborhood....

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  • This book deals with topics in atomic and molecular structure and dynamics that are important to astronomy. Indeed, the topics selected are of central interest to the field of astronomy, many having been initiated by the needs of understanding worlds other than ours. Except for some lunar surface material returned by the Apollo missions, and material naturally delivered to us by cosmic rays, comets, and meteors, our only access to the other worlds of our astronomical Universe is through our observations of electromagnetic radiation from them.

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  • This textbook is intended as an introduction to the physics of solar and stellar coronae, emphasizing kinetic plasma processes. It is addressed to observational astronomers, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates without a background in plasma physics. Coronal physics is today a vast field with many different aims and goals. Sorting out the really important aspects of an observed phenomenon and using the physics best suited for the case is a formidable problem.

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  • This Business Plan shows how astronomers at the Armagh Observatory will deliver on the Observa- tory's key business areas in support of the Northern Ireland Executive's Programme for Government, the cross-cutting STEM Strategy and key actions and objectives of its sponsor government department, the Northern Ireland Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL). First, we provide an introduction to the organization and the principal research themes in astronomy and related sciences addressed by sta in the Observatory and their international partners.

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