Asymptotic equivalence

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  • This paper is concerned with the asymptotic property of the solution of a system of the linear Volterra difference equations. The criterion for the existence of a solution of the considered system that is asymptotically equivalent to a given sequence is established.

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  • In this paper, we study the asymptotic behavior of linear differential equations under nonlinear perturbation. Let’s consider the delay differential equations: dx = Ax + f(t, xt ), dt where t ∈ R+ , A ∈ L(E), f : R+ × E −→ E and (T (t))t≥0 is C0 -semigroup be generated by A. We will give some sufficient conditions for uniformly stable and asymptotic equivalence of above equations.

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  • In this topic, we will look at: Justification for analysis, quadratic and polynomial growth, counting machine instructions, Landau symbols, Big-Q as an equivalence relation, little-o as a weak ordering.

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  • ON THE RECURSIVE SEQUENCE E. CAMOUZIS, R. DEVAULT, AND G. PAPASCHINOPOULOS Received 12 January 2004 and in revised form 29 May 2004 Our aim in this paper is to investigate the boundedness, global asymptotic stability, and periodic character of solutions of the difference equation xn+1 = (γxn−1 + δxn−2 )/(xn + xn−2 ), n = 0,1,..., where the parameters γ and δ and the initial conditions are positive real numbers. 1.

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  • This chapter presents logical equivalences, De Morgan’s laws, tautologies and contradictions, laws of logic, conditional propositions. In this lecture, the following topics will be covered: Mathematical review; asymptotic and algorithm analysis; relationships and data structures; requential storage: Lists, queues, stacks, deques; hash tables; trees; priority queues and heaps; sort algorithms; graphs and graph algorithms; algorithm design techniques; complexity classes and NP completeness.

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