Asymptotic reasoning

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  • Methodological philosophy of science concerns itself, among other things, with issues about the nature of scientific theories, of scientific explanation, and of intertheoretic reduction. Philosophers of science frequently have attempted to identify and "rationally reconstruct" distinct types of reasoning employed by scientists as they go about their business.

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  • Smart-home technology may give the nursing personnel security in that they will be warned when dangers occur in other parts of the house. The result is that the nursing personnel can concentrate entirely on one person at a time. More time may in this way be spent on human care, instead of control routines. Altered routines lead to less stress and less exhaustion for nurses. This will in the long run have a positive effect on the occupiers. Elderly people often have objections to ICT. Ignorance is often a decisive reason. Information and knowledge about ICT will be important in...

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  • The number of scientific journals is vast and is growing steadily, which means that there are plenty of publishing opportunities. The fundamental reason behind the growing number of journals is the increasing number of researchers globally. Quite often you can hear researchers complaining that there are no scientific journals for their specific narrow research field. Most often this is not true. Journals exist for wide and varying topical fields. Should you find it difficult to find a suitable one, try considering potential applications for your results.

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  • Appropriate treatment of smear-positive cases can render most of them noninfectious rapidly, generally within two weeks. Generally, infectivity decreases many fold in the first 2 days in most individuals on standard short course chemotherapy. Therefore, the most effective intervention for reducing infectiousness is treatment of the case, and institution of a mechanism which will guarantee provision of the medications, i.e. the patient will be on DOT. Under these circumstances, it is perfectly reasonable to treat most patients as an outpatient with a plan to ensure treatment completion....

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