Atomic sentences

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  • Parse-tree paths are commonly used to incorporate information from syntactic parses into NLP systems. These systems typically treat the paths as atomic (or nearly atomic) features; these features are quite sparse due to the immense variety of syntactic expression. In this paper, we propose a general method for learning how to iteratively simplify a sentence, thus decomposing complicated syntax into small, easy-to-process pieces.

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  • What do the ¯elds of astronomy, economics, ¯nance, law, mathematics, med- icine, physics, and sociology have in common? Not much in the way of sub- ject matter, that's for sure. And not all that much in the way of methodology. What they do have in common, with each other and with many other ¯elds, is their dependence on a certain standard of rationality.

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  • Atom, buoyancy, density, element, mass, matter, periodic table, pressure, property, volume,... are the words in the book "Matter and its properties." Invite you to consult the text book to grasp the pronunciation and set sentences with the words above.

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  • We describe the strategy currently pursued for verbalising OWL ontologies by sentences in Controlled Natural Language (i.e., combining generic rules for realising logical patterns with ontology-specific lexicons for realising atomic terms for individuals, classes, and properties) and argue that its success depends on assumptions about the complexity of terms and axioms in the ontology.

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