Attitudes of farmers regarding

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  • The main objectives of this study include to measure the attitude of the respondents about „Gir sawaj‟ biofertilizers. And also to ascertain the relationship between attitude of respondents about „Gir sawaj’ biofertilizers with their selected characteristics.

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  • Poultry Farmers had high level of knowledge regarding poultry housing (39.17%), brooding (39.17%) and feeding (42.5%) practices. Considerable number of poultry farms has grown up in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan. Hence, the knowledge of poultry practices occupies the importance. The present study was concluded in Bhilwara District of Rajasthan on 120 poultry Farmers selected by multi-stage sampling procedure.

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  • Mushrooms, also called as ‘white vegetables’ or ‘boneless vegetarian meat’ contain ample amount of proteins (20-35%), vitamins and fibre. Milky mushroom is robust, fleshy, milky white, umbrella like mushroom, having long shelf-life and lucrative market value. Ballari District lies in Northern dry zone of Karnataka receive 28-290 C mean temperature in January and highest maximum temperature in May reaches 430C. Hence, different mushroom species can be cultivated due to prevailing wide range of temperature in the District.

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  • The 2004 fi ndings were later shown to be fraudulent in one of the highest profi le fraud cases of modern science. The media has been blamed as one of the causes for the widespread utopia that led many to argue for the need for embryonic stem cell research. 12 In spite of the continuous criticisms from bioethicists in Korea regarding the use of junior researchers as egg donors, Hwang was made a national hero and international star, fully supported by the government, mass media and people. Thanks to the information of a whistleblower and the tenacious investigation by the producers.

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  • The toxicity or carcinogenicity of each reagent used in this method has not been precisely defined; however, each chemical compound should be treated as a potential health hazard. From this viewpoint, exposure to these chemicals must be reduced to the lowest possible level by whatever means available. The laboratory is responsible for maintaining a current awareness file of OSHA regulations regarding the safe handling of the chemicals specified in this method.

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  • Several overarching themes emerged from interviews with stakeholders in the six case-study states regarding issues both internal and external to incentive programs that encourage and discourage the adoption of small-scale renewable energy technologies in their respective states. First, external factors will be discussed; illuminating the backdrop against which these incentive programs operate is important in understanding and assessing program performance.

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