Attraction and repulsion

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  • This paper introduces new methods based on exponential families for modeling the correlations between words in text and speech. While previous work assumed the effects of word co-occurrence statistics to be constant over a window of several hundred words, we show that their influence is nonstationary on a much smaller time scale.

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  • This paper continues ongoing investigations into questions initiated by seventeenth-century experiments of Mariotte on mutual attractions and repulsions of floating objects, later reformulated mathematically by Laplace in the context of idealized surface tension theory.

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  • Thermal Fluctuation Forces: Forces between Soft, Fluidlike Surfaces Hydration Forces: Special Forces in Water and Aqueous Solutions Repulsive Hydration Forces • Attractive Hydrophobic Forces • Origin of Hydration Forces

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  • The Basic's Let us start with the basic, The Attraction of a magnet ( North ) is always stronger than the Repulsion ( South ). So as an example, take two bar magnets from radio shack and place one on a table and tape it down were it will not move, then hold the other in your hand and angled it just right, keeping it spaced exactly 1/4" apart. then slowly entering the table top magnet sweeping over it with the other, you will see that the attraction is far greater than the resistance = repulsion..... in the diagrams below we...

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