Attribute selector specificity

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  • One of the primary advantages of CSS—particularly to designers—is its ability to easily apply a set of styles to all elements of the same type. Unimpressed? Consider this: by editing a single line of CSS, you can change the colors of all your headings. Don’t like the blue you’re using? Change that one line of code, and they can all be purple, yellow, maroon, or any other color you desire. That lets you, the designer, focus on design, rather than grunt work. The next time you’re in a meeting and someone wants to see headings with a different shade of green, just edit your style and...

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  • USING PHP TO MANAGE FILES Figure 7-1. PHP makes light work of creating a drop-down menu of images in a specific folder. When incorporated into an online form, the filename of the selected image appears in the $_POST array identified by the name attribute of the element—in this case, $_POST['pix']. That s all there is to it! You can compare your code with imagelist_02.php in the ch07 folder. PHP Solution 7-4: Creating a generic file selector The previous PHP solution relies on an understanding of regular expressions.

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