Automated negotiation

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  • This paper analyzes the automated negotiation process between two competitive agents in an alternating offers negotiation model. Generally speaking, the outcome of a negotiation depends on some parameters—the agents’ reservation prices, their attitude toward time and the strategies they use, etc.

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  • Synchronous Mode Synchronous systems negotiate the connection at the data-link level before communication begins Basic synchronous systems will begins. synchronize two clocks before transmission. Asynchronous mode Asynchronous systems do not send separate information to indicate the encoding or clocking information. The receiver must decide the clocking of the signal on it's own. This means that the receiver must decide where to look in the signal stream to find ones and zeroes.

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  • In the last few years, the search for radically new approaches to software engineering has witnessed a great momentum. These efforts are well justified by the troubling state of present day computer science. Software engineering practices based on design-time architectural composition (the only assessed way of doing software engineering so far), lead to brittle and fragile systems, unable to gracefully cope with reconfiguration and faults.

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