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  • The Oracle8 Backup and Recovery Guide contains information that describes the features and functionality of the Oracle8 and the Oracle8 Enterprise Edition products. Oracle8 and Oracle8 Enterprise Edition have the same basic features. However, several advanced features are available only with the Enterprise Edition, and some of these are optional. For example, to perform automated tablespace point-in-time recovery (using Recovery Manager), you must have the Enterprise Edition.

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  • Restoration and Datafile Media Recovery Using RMAN RMAN automates the procedure for restoring files. When you issue the RESTORE command, RMAN uses a server session to restore the correct backups and copies. The RMAN repository is used to select the best available backup set or image copies to use in the restoration. By default, RMAN does not restore a file if the file is already in the correct place and its header contains the correct information. In releases before Oracle9i, the files were always restored.

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  • Email-aware virus/malware have the ability to spread by email message by automating the infected computer's email clients or by spreading the virus/malware themselves. Mass-mailing behavior describes a situation when an infection spreads rapidly in a Microsoft Exchange environment. Trend Micro designed the scan engine to detect behavior that mass-mailing attacks usually demonstrate. The behaviors are recorded in the Virus Pattern file that is updated using the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate Servers.

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  • Oracle 10g Data Mining Administrators Guide WW
    Oracle Database 10g, released in 2003 and the current release, enables grid (the g in 10g) computing. A grid is simply a pool of computers that provides needed resources for applications on an as-needed basis. The goal is to provide comput- ing resources that transparently scale to the user community, much as an electri- cal utility company can deliver power to meet peak demand by accessing energy from other power providers’ plants via a power grid.

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  • Linguists, it has to be admitted, are strange animals. They get very excited about things that the rest of the species seem almost blind to and fail to see what all the fuss is about. This wouldn’t be so bad if linguists were an isolated group. But they are not, and what’s more they have to teach non-linguists about their subject. One mistake that linguists often make is to assume that to teach linguistics, students should be instilled...

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  • Since the advent of the financial crisis in the summer of 2007, each year has brought new challenges to financial markets, the fund industry, and ICI. For us, 2011 will be remembered as an inflection point: a period when the Institute engaged with more U.S., foreign, and multinational policymakers on more issues of greater consequence for our members than at any time before.

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  • A clear requirement in achieving this success was establishing the fully integrated management structure and leadership for the various elements of the program. That task obviously received major attention from NASA’s top leadership, with strong emphasis on management clearly enunciated by Administrator James Webb.

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  • Some authors have modeled the multiproduct price competition in di erentiated goods where, as in our model, consumers can engage in mixing purchases between shops. Lal and Matutes (1989) have studied price competition in a duopoly selling two independent goods. They nd that in equilibrium retailers will charge di erent but deterministic prices and may even capture the entire consumer surplus of the less mobile consumers.

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  • It is typical that when one has made a decision, one wonders what its consequences will be. Therefore, once an investor has given money to a fund manager to invest on his/her behalf, he/she should have the right to know what sort of performance they have obtained. Does the fund manager offer superior or inferior performance? How does the fund manager perform compared to peers? And what sort of strategy is used?

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  • Oracle Secure Backup, Oracle's new tape backup management software, delivers secure, high performance network tape backup for Oracle databases and file systems. It provides an integrated, easy-to-use backup solution that encrypts data to tape to safeguard against the misuse of sensitive data in the event that backup tapes are lost or stolen. Oracle Secure Backup provides optimized backup performance of Oracle Databases via tight integration with the database engine, as well as advanced backup functionality including automated tape rotation, known as “vaulting”. ...

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  • The impacts of different media presentation modes on learning remain inconclusive. According to the working memory model proposed by Baddeley (2000), working memory can simultaneously receive information from different channels, such as auditory and visual. Thus, when the efficiency of the working memory is improved, learning performance will also be enhanced. However, Kalyuga, Chandler and Sweller (2000) suggested that some multimedia learning software can lead to cognitive overload,...

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  • Public corporations in East Asia typically have low levels of transparency and disclosure quality. Some commentators and policy advisors believe that a closer adherence to international disclosure rules and the adoption of international accounting standards are essential for improving corporate transparency in the region (World Bank, 1998). Despite efforts to impose stricter reporting rules and standards, the general perception is that corporate transparency has been declining (Asian Wall Street Journal, November 24, 1999).

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  • A leader is someone who sets direction in an effort and influences people to follow that direction. It is important to have skills in forming, leading and facilitating a project team. However, a coherent theoretical foundation that explains how leadership engages people fully and effectively is lacking (Howell, 2006). This research will provide a clearer understanding of the concept of leadership in projects, discussing how and why it works, and the ways to make project teams more dynamic and effective.

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  • Occupation cluster analysis helps identify the fastest growing occupations within the region. Here is an example from one region in Indiana (Economic Growth Region 11). This region is a center for riverboat gaming. The data show how the growth of this business sector has created new demands for different occupations. Table 3 helps quickly identify those occupations with the strongest percentage change and the largest increase in the number of jobs from 2001 to 2007.

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  • Now look at the random cards in front of your BLACK pile, and count the number of BLACK cards you selected. They are the same! Rather than two random numbers of RED and BLACK, you selected the same number of RED and BLACK cards totally at random because your brain was controlled! This is a final proof that your sub-conscious mind can make you choose random cards to balance those numbers! So you have done our remote control brain experiment. Is mind control a reality? Of course it’s not mind control. It’s mathematics, but you knew that didn’t you?...

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  • SCN, like all plant-parasitic nematodes, is a microscopic roundworm – a very simple animal, related to the animal- parasitic roundworms that infect livestock and pets. The juvenile nematode [top right] is the infective stage of SCN – the stage that actually enters the soybean root. It hatches from an egg [right]. The juveniles penetrate soybean roots and cause the for- mation of specialized feeding cells in the vascular system (veins) of the roots.

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  • People with disabilities continue to face architectural barriers that limit or make it impossible to access the goods or services offered by businesses. Examples include a parking space with no access aisle to allow deployment of a van’s wheelchair lift, steps at a facility’s entrance or within its serving or selling space, aisles too narrow to accommodate mobility devices, counters that are too high, or restrooms that are simply too small to use with a mobility device.

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  • In addition, developers may earn credits by installing nonpoint pollution controls themselves. The developers may then offer these credits to a sewage treatment authority. By doing so, the authority can avoid costly new facility improvements that would otherwise be needed to accommodate new development and whose cost would ultimately be passed on to the developer and its customers.’ The treatment authorities are responsible for ensuring that the nonpoint source...

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  • At buy here/pay here car lots, it is the car dealer, not a finance company that extends credit to the buyer. As highlighted in the documentary, buy here/pay here lots often require high down payments and exorbi- tantly high interest rates for their loans. At the lot Jesus visited, they attempted to sell him a car with high mileage for a down payment that would have actually covered the entire cost of the car. This means that every payment made after the down payment would be clear profit for the dealer. On top of that, the loan had a 30 percent interest rate. ...

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  • Following an extended period during which the research priorities of the discipline of television studies were oriented around audiences and reception practices, since the 1990s television scholars have “returned” to the television text. 3 In conjunction with this aesthetic (re)turn, scholars have undertaken to map the shifting horizons of the television text, revisiting and revising foundational models of television’s textuality in ways which account for dispersals, extensions, and expansions of the medium’s narratives and storyworlds across media.

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