Automotive alternators

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  • An automobile was seen as a simple accessory of luxury in the early years of the past century. Therefore, it was an expensive asset which none of the common citizen could afford. It was necessary to pass a long period and waiting for Henry Ford to establish the first plants with the series fabrication. This new industrial paradigm makes easy to the common American to acquire an automobile, either for running away or for working purposes.

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  • The principle of carsharing is simple: individuals gain the benefits of private vehicle use without the costs and responsibilities of ownership. Carsharing is most common in major urban areas where transportation alternatives are easily accessible. Individuals generally access vehicles by joining an organization that maintains a fleet of cars and light trucks in a network of locations (1, 2). Vehicles are most frequently deployed from lots located in neighborhoods, at transit stations, or businesses.

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  • The major source of liquid fuels is crude petroleum; other sources are shale and tar sands. Synthetic hydrocarbon fuels—gasoline and methanol—can be made from coal and natural gas. Ethanol, some of which is used as an automotive fuel, is derived from vegetable matter.

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  • Automotive Mechanisms In this chapter, we illustrate the usefulness of the systematic design methodology by enumerating a few automotive related mechanisms, including variable-stroke engine mechanisms, constant-velocity shaft couplings, and automatic transmission mechanisms. For each case, we first identify the functional requirements. Then, we translate some of the requirements into structural characteristics for the purpose of enumeration of the kinematic structures.

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