Autopsy series

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  • Integration involves viral and host cellular proteins. Their role is discussed in the third and fourth sections of this chapter. Recently, the process of integration site selection (which is where the viral DNA integrates with the host cell DNA) has been quite understood throughout many in vitro and in vivo studies. The human genome project has enabled us to identify integration site preferences for retroviral vectors in human trials. The results of these human trials are reviewed in the fifth section of the chapter.

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  • Planned Parenthood affiliates and a majority of the other WHP clinics we interviewed have already sustained financial losses because the state of Texas reduced family planning funding by two-thirds in 2011. Thus, family planning clinics have already experienced losses that have contributed to a deterioration of services to low-income women. It is worth noting that the WHP not only provides contraceptive services, but also other women’s health services, such as screening for breast and cervical cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and sexually transmitted infections.

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  • Pathfinder has developed a two-way referral system for infections and serious complications. CHWs send clients to nearby health facilities with a referral note, which helps ensure that people living with HIV/AIDS are seen promptly and free-of-charge. In some cases, if the client is too weak to travel alone and has no family to accompany him, or is afraid of the stigma associated with being HIV-positive, the CHW escorts the client to the health facility.

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  • The term cloud computing refers to an Internet-based technology through which information is stored in servers and provided as a service (Software as a Service,or SaaS) and on-demand to clients (from the clouds indeed). Its impact will be spec- tacular on both consumers and firms. On one side, consumers will be able to ac- cess all of their documents and data from any device (the personal laptop, the mo- bile phone, an Internet Point..), as they already do for email services, and to exploit impressive computational capabilities.

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  • Splenic Abscesses Splenic abscesses are much less common than liver abscesses. The incidence of splenic abscesses has ranged from 0.14% to 0.7% in various autopsy series. The clinical setting and the organisms isolated usually differ from those for liver abscesses. The degree of clinical suspicion for splenic abscess needs to be high, as this condition is frequently fatal if left untreated. Even in the most recently published series, diagnosis was made only at autopsy in 37% of cases.

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  • At the same time, you’ll work with the analysts to increase return. That means that you’ll concentrate on the creditworthiness of the issuers of both commercial paper and CDs,which offer higher yields. You’re probably going to try to buy as many of these issues as possible—assuming that the analysts can verify that the investments are high quality. Your fund has the flexibility to invest in a wide range of securities, and your competitors are doing just that, looking for higher returns.

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  • In the next Section II we will describe the nature of the general purpose technol- ogy represented by cloud computing, its genesis and its likely impact on the econo- my and on the structure of many markets. As we will see, the introduction of cloud computing is going to reduce drastically the fixed costs of entry and production, turning part of them into variable costs related to the production necessities. This will have a positive impact on entry and competition in all sectors where fixed ICT spending is crucial.

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  • The car-sharing concept as just described is very broad. It includes basically all forms of shared vehicle use regarded as car-sharing. If those engaged in car-sharing are to be provided special benefits, however, society should be able to demand that certain quality requirements be met. These requirements amount to expecting a car-sharing organization to act in accordance with the best interests of society. The exploitation of car-sharing simply to take advantage of potential benefits should not occur.

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  • Measuring the CT attenuation of intraperitoneal fluid (figures 1, 2.) has proved exceedingly useful in its characterization, because intraperitoneal fluid collections in trauma patients may not always represent blood. Although there is variation with individual scanners, hemoperitoneum usually measures greater than 30 HU. By comparison, water-dense fluids in a trauma patient, such as ascites, urine, bile, or intestinal contents, measure 0 to 5 or 10 HU.

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  • Tailings are a mixture of clay, sand, water and fine silts formed during the oil sands extraction process. They are contained in ponds or settling basins, which are effective ways of managing them while they settle. Any proposal to construct a new tailings pond is thoroughly examined by technical experts from a host of regulatory bodies. Every effort is made to ensure that the design and proposed location of a pond is suitable from an environmental, resource conservation and economic point of view.

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  • Climate change is a serious environmental challenge that could undermine the drive for sustainable development. The global mean surface temperature has increased by an average of 0.6° Celsius (°C) over the last 100 years, largely due to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (IPCC, 2002). Most of this change has occurred in the past 30 to 40 years, and the rate of increase is accelerating. These rising temperatures will have significant impacts at a global scale and at local and regional levels.

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  • Maintaining a robust nursing workforce is essential to meeting the needs of diverse patient populations and advancing global health. As the largest segment of the healthcare workforce, nurses play a critical role in providing life-saving and life-sustaining care across settings. The worldwide nursing shortage of the last decade underscored the importance of preparing adequate numbers of professional nurses and the dangers that result when too few nurses are available to provide care. Recent investigations led by Drs.

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  • Few people have heard of the mite harvestman, and fewer still would recognize it at close range. It is related to the far more familiar daddy longlegs, but its legs are stubby rather than long, and its body is about as big as a sesame seed. On the floors of the humid forests where it dwells, it looks like a speck of dirt. As unglamorous as the mite harvestman may seem, however, it has a spectacular history to unfold. An individual mite harvestman may spend its entire life in a few square meters of forest floor. The range of an entire species may be less than 100...

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  • In the global environment, the sale of counterfeit goods remains a significant issue facing consumers, industry and governments alike. The advent and subsequent rapid development of the Internet has raised the problem to heightened levels as counterfeiters find simplified means and additional channels in cyberspace to promote and sell counterfeit products to consumers.

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  • The young alluvial soils show little profile development although they are sometimes stratified. With the exception of about 800 ha of sand to loamy sand soils in one area, textures vary from sandy loam to uniform clay, with the finer textures tending to occur toward the mangrove and in the flood-prone area between the Meme and Mokoko Rivers. Although there is evidence of flooding and seasonal waterlogging from several other rivers that traverse the plain, these soils rarely show evidence of strongly reducing conditions within 1.5 m of the surface.

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  • Compliance scores are calculated on a weighted average based on the amount of milk produced at each farm. Scores are based on an on site inspection, raw milk sample results and water sample results. A passing score is 90 points. If a BTU fails to score 90 or above, the raw milk is diverted away from Grade A use until a passing survey is completed. Enforcement scores are a measure of the degree to which enforcement provisions of the Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) are being applied by the regulatory agency (e.g.

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  • The central thesis of Fundamental Indexing is that weighting the components of an index by their “economic footprint” allows the portfolio to avoid some of the deficiencies of a capitalization weighted index, such as over-weighting of overvalued stocks and under- weighting of undervalued stocks.

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  • It is important to note that this manual is intended to be flexible to allow trainers to adapt it based on at least three factors: the disciplines represented by trainees, the program areas in which trainees work, and the time available for a training event. Accommodating flexibility in the content of a training event is particularly important for a resource targeting the public health workforce whose members represent a variety of disciplines, program areas, responsibilities and educational backgrounds. This manual provides content...

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  • The sample for the 2010 RDHS was designed to provide population and health indicator estimates for the country as a whole and for urban and rural areas. Survey estimates can also be reported for the provinces (South, West, North, and East provinces) and Kigali City. The results presented in this report show key indicators that correspond to these provinces and Kigali City. A representative sample of 12,972 households was selected for the 2010 RDHS. The sample was selected in two stages.

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  • The world’s highest alcohol consumption levels are found in the developed world, including western and eastern Europe. High-income countries generally have the highest alcohol consumption. However, it does not follow that high income and high consumption always translate into high alcohol-related problems and high-risk drinking. Western European countries have some of the highest consumption rates but their net alcohol-attributable mortality rates are relatively low, though their alcohol-related disease burden may be high.

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