Availability and affordability

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  • The Terrorism Risk Insurance Extension Act of 2005 requires the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets (PWG) to perform an analysis regarding the long- term availability and affordability of insurance for terrorism risk, including group life coverage; and coverage for chemical, nuclear, biological, and radiological events; and to submit a report of its findings to Congress by September 30, 2006.

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  • Another salient emotion in moving experiences is the feeling of inspi- ration. The word “inspired” means, in its etymological sense, to be filled with breath, spirit, and life. Thus, the emotion of learning at its most powerful is the feeling of increased vitality as we realize our growing capacity to perceive and act. This particular quality of experience is addressed indirectly, at best, in mainstream psychological traditions. For example, the motivation construct of goals...

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  • Our Bayesian approach estimates a time-varying exposure from banks’ gains and losses on their interest-rate derivative positions. This approach builds on early work by Gorton and Rosen (1995) who did not have data on market values, because few banks reported them before the adoption of fair value accounting in the mid 1990s. Instead, Gorton and Rosen use data on "replacement costs" from the Call Reports, which refers to the value of derivatives that are assets to the bank (not netting out the liabilities).

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  • The publications included in the review reported chemical analyses on 100 distinct foodstuffs and presented data on 455 nutrients and other substances. Statistical analysis by foodstuff was impractical given the large array of different foods (and cultivars/breeds) presented in included publications. The review team therefore decided to facilitate analysis and interpretation of the available information by categorising the nutrients and other substances reported into nutrient groups or “families”. ...

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  • This section discusses the development of the contracting literature and contractual uses of accounting. It develops implications for relative abilities of earnings and cash flows to forecast future cash flows and for the times series properties of earnings and cash flows. The modern economic theory of the firm views the firm as a set of contracts between a multitude of parties. The underlying hypothesis is that the firm's "contractual designs, both implicit and explicit, are created to minimize transactions costs between specialized factors of production" (Holmstrom and Tirole, 1989, p.

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  • Michael Hannan’s paper, for its part, has very strong links to industrial organization – in fact, I have long wanted to facilitate a discussion between organizational ecologists like Hannan and indutrial organization economists like Boyan Jovanovic, Steven Klepper, and Ariel Pakes – but it also has strong connections to organizational economics. The paper by Barbara Reskin and Denise Bielby is of course very closely related to labor economics – especially as practiced by economists like, say, Francine Blau and Claudia Goldin – and it again raises organizational issues.

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  • Vertical shaft kilns are still used in some parts of the world to produce cement, predominately in China where they are currently used to manufacture nearly half of the cement produced annually (Wang 2007). A shaft kiln essentially consists of a large drum set vertically with a packed mixture of raw material and fuel traveling down through it under gravity. Parallel evolution of shaft kiln technology with the more complex dry process rotary kilns kept the mix of pyroprocessing technologies in China's cement industry more diverse than in almost any other country.

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  • Consider the family of sensor routing protocols where each sensor communicates either directly or indirectly with a base station. In turn the base station correlates and aggregates information from each sensor. Accordingly, the base station will need to verify the authenticity of the sensor, the integrity of the communication and ascertain that it is not a replay of an earlier communication. Recall the assumption that the base station is computationally robust and secure. In our protocol each sensor j shares a unique 64 bit Key Key , with the base station.

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  • Bonds of Blood and Honour” is an introductory adventure for A Game of Th rones RPG. It is structured around the “Noble House” campaign style. It is not completely scripted, and requires the GM to fl esh out certain details and make important decisions about some aspects of the plot. Additionally, it does not provide stat write-ups for the major NPCs, instead referring to the sample NPCs from the core rulebook. Note that the adventure is written for the d20-based Open Gaming rules, but includes the corresponding Tri-Stat System rules [italicised, in brackets], when appropriate.

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  • To address some of the challenges described above, the WHO/HAI Project on Medicine Prices and Availability has initiated a set of activities to strengthen policy guidance on issues relating to medicine prices, availability and affordability, with a specific focus on the needs of low- and middle-income countries. These include a series of in-depth reviews on policies and other interventions to manage medicine prices, increase availability and make medicines more affordable.

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  • Medicine availability and prices in both public and private sectors are key indicators of access to treatment. Surveys of medicine prices and availability, conducted using a standard methodology, have shown that poor medicine availability, particularly in the public sector, is a key barrier to access to medicines. Public sector availability of generic medicines is less than 60% across WHO regions, ranging from 32% in the Eastern Mediterranean Region to 58% in the European Region. Private sector availability of generic medicines is higher that in the public sector in all regions.

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  • After providing the basic background in electromagnetic theory necessary to utilize the software, the author of Ebook Antenna and EM Modeling with Matlab describes the benefits and many practical uses of the Matlab. Sergey Makarov's text utilizes the widely used Matlab(r) software, which offers a more flexible and affordable alternative to other antenna and electromagnetic modeling tools currently available.

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  • The purpose of Top-Down Network Design, Third Edition, is to help you design networks that meet a customer’s business and technical goals. Whether your customer is another department within your own company or an external client, this book provides you with tested processes and tools to help you understand traffic flow, protocol behavior, and internetworking technologies.

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  • An organization must provide individuals with an opportunity to choose (opt out) if and how the personal information they provide is used or disclosed to third parties, if such use is not compatible with the original purpose for which the information was collected. Individuals must be provided with clear, readily available, and affordable mechanisms to exercise this option.

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  • Ownership rates across all age groups increased between 1985 and 2003. Again, this is a well- documented and understood change that has been driven by a number of economic factors, including, but not limited to, falling interest rates, rising standards of living, public policies helping low- and middle-income families afford home ownership. Among the elderly population, the ownership rate for population 85 and over exhibited the highest increase – i.e., 16 percentage points. Data show that the ownership rate peaks at the age 62 to 74.

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  • UK aid is about generating opportunity and prosperity for poor people in developing countries. This document sets out how we intend to put the private sector centre-stage in doing this. Our new approach to working with the private sector is about us doing more with and for private enterprise, extending this work in new areas, and doing it better. We want private sector thinking to become as much part of DFID’s DNA as our work with charities and governments.

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  • The concentration in the large public company audit market is also unlikely to be reduced in the near term by midsize and smaller accounting firms because a significant majority is not interested in auditing large public companies and those that are interested face various challenges in expanding their capability to do so. Over 70 percent of midsize and smaller accounting firms indicated that they were not attempting to obtain large public company clients.

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  • Efficient ethanol plants can convert 90-97 percent of the corn’s starch content to ethanol. However, not all batches of corn leave the same amount of starch residue. Studies of ethanol yields from different batches show significant variability (Dien et al., March 2002). Even though it is the starch that is turned into ethanol, researchers have been unable to find a correlation between starch content (or even starch extractability) and the final yield of ethanol (Singh and Graeber). Researchers believe some starches are in a more available form (Dien et al., March 2002).

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  • Social sustainability tends to be viewed as the ‘softer – politically correct’ component of sustainable development. This is a poor, yet widely-held misreading of the very tangible benefits social sustainability can bring to a real estate, or as is the focus here, investment in real estate. Much greater clarity of the influence of social sustainability in what is all too often a short-term focus on quick returns on is urgently required.

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  • A common argument in favor of usury laws is that without them, borrowers would be forced to pay exorbitant interest rates, or at least rates that are unreasonable in relation to the cost of supplying credit. According to economic theory, a competitive market is sufficient to prevent lenders from exercising power over pricing or earning more than a normal return. The price established in a competitive market reflects suppliers' costs of providing the given amount of that good. To be sure, removing a binding usury ceiling will result in higher interest rates.

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