Awareness and experience

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  • The awareness and willingness to use doxycycline-based syphilis chemoprophylaxis among men who have sex with men (MSM) in China remain largely unknown. Methods: We recruited MSM online from Nanjing, Wuhan and Changsha between August and October of 2021, collected data from online survey, analyzed their data using descriptive statistics, and constructed binary logistic regression for factors associated with awareness and willingness to use chemoprophylaxis for syphilis and HIV.

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  • (BQ) Ebook Part 1 presents the following content: Geography in primary schools; valuing geography: the importance and nature of geography; children’s geographies: experience, awareness and understanding; exploring places: key ideas in understanding places; exploring sustainability: environmental impact, sustainability and citizenship; understanding geographical enquiry; experiencing and visualising geography: fieldwork, photographs and maps.

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  • Effectiveness of the donation request is generally measured by consent rates, rather than by relatives’ satisfaction with their decision. Our aim was to elicit Dutch ICU staffs’ views and experiences with the donation request, to investigate their awareness of (dis)satisfaction with donation decisions by relatives, specifically in the case of refusal, and to collect advice that may leave more relatives satisfied with their decision.

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  • Starting a business is no longer a phenomenon in a country but a global development trend. Many countries are now finding ways to promote startups, overtake new technologies, and become pioneers in high-tech fields. To achieve these results, countries are now fully aware of the role of education and training and innovation. Therefore, studying the experiences of developed countries leading in terms of startups such as the United States, Finland, Israel and Singapore is very necessary for Vietnam to take the right steps to creatively innovate.

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  • Present paper presents the methods used in the study and the results obtained on human response over different risky situations, on the way that situational awareness and culture of safety influence the assessment process for these conditions, the influence of experience and what are the optimal solutions to be considered in accordance with present evolution of maritime industry and procedural requirements for ship safety.

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  • This paper is based on a case study tracing US maritime college student learning experiences that take them to two locations in Asia, namely Singapore and Malaysia. This initiative was part of an experiential learning program.

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  • The survival rate after childhood cancer has improved to 80%. The majority of childhood cancer survivors (CCS) will experience late complications which require follow up care, including access to their individual cancer treatment summary.

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  • The significant role of energy efficiency labelling should not be ignored as it provides various information that serve as a guideline when people make purchasing decision. It indicates projection energy consumption of an electrical equipment according to energy efficiency rating system. This study applied choice experiment (CE) method in which the conditional logit (CL) model was valued to determine students’ willingness to pay (WTP) based on their preferences of the energy label attributes of table fans.

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  • Despite the prominent position of methotrexate (MTX) in Rheumatoid Arthiris (RA) therapeutics, its real-world effectiveness may be influenced by a relative lack of tolerability or other side effects that physicians may not be aware of but that are bothersome to patients.

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  • Agricultural education is an important tool in ensuring increased agricultural productivity, sustainability, environmental and ecological security, profitability, job security and equity. Different committees (ICAR Review Committee 1979; Deans Committee 1981) recommended for strong linkage of agricultural education with actual farming situation through the programme.

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  • Chapter 11 - Characteristics of the situation. As an organizing framework, this chapter introduced the Congruence Model as a way to consider many of the situational factors leaders should consider. In terms of work factors, leaders need to be aware of how task interdependence, task structure, and job characteristics can affect both their own and their followers' behaviors, and how they might change these factors in order to improve followers' satisfaction and performance.

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  • This paper reports on a participatory action research study, which explores how ICT application adoption may be enhanced through ‘empathetic participatory design’ as a method for creating knowledge that may have meaningful application utility. This is achieved through user behavioural simulation. The main mode of data collection and analysis was the repertory grid technique used to elicit constructs from simulated prototyped elements of a selection of applications.

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  • An attempt was made to develop a standardized scale to analyze the attitude of farmers towards livelihood diversificationusing summated rating methods suggested by Likert and Edwards. The attitude scale developed was found to be highly reliable and valid. The final attitude scale consisted of 15 statements and this scale was administered to 30 farmers in Chikkaballapura district in Karnataka during 2017-2018 to analyse their attitude of farmers towards livelihood diversification. These farmers were personally interviewed using schedule.

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  • The study indicated that 46.67 per cent of the farmers belonged to old age group of above 45 years and were illiterate (36.70 %). Majority (51.70 %) of them had dairying and agriculture as their primary occupation and had more than 10 years of farming experience. Majority of the farmers had medium categories of cosmopoliteness and livestock possession (85.00 % and 68.33 %) respectively. The major constraints faced by the respondents were lack of awareness about latest technologies, scarcity of grazing land and water in dairy farming and lack of veterinary extension services at field level.

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  • In recent years management practices in relation to low-risk papillary microcarcinoma (PMC) have been evolving with increased awareness of the potential overdiagnosis and overtreatment of PMCs, and guidelines recommendations for non-surgical management options such as active surveillance.

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  • This study analyzes the results of teaching and learning the course of Vietnamese socio – economic Geography through the project. The research results are based on pedagogical experiment, interview and observation in order to collect enough data for the research. The research results have presented 04 steps and effectiveness in carrying out the course of Vietnamese socio – economic Geography through project – based learning.

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  • Spatial thinking skills are the bridge between the knowledge and experience of students with a new understanding of the regions. Based on previous studies of spatial thinking skills, this article offers some skills that are relevant to the 12th grade geography curriculum and can be developed by using Geography Atlas of Vietnam. They are: Analyzing and synthesizing geographic features on the maps, establishing spatial relationships of geography objects, comparing geography objects, reasoning, and explaining the geospatial issues.

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  • This paper works on the behavior pattern of the retail investors with special reference to Bhopal. The investment by these investors at time is overshadowed by the level of understanding they have about financial securities and their experiences with the stock market.

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  • The status of attitude of the salaried people on savings / investments is evaluated in this article. From the factor analysis of the opinion data, seven underlying dimensions of savings / investments, viz., “Secured Life”, “Avoiding investments in Private parties / Companies”, “Lack of guidelines to children about saving”, “Tough Task but good for future”, “Creation of Awareness about saving habit by Government”, “Savings Requires Experience” and “Wrong investment decision by many”.

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  • This study ‘‘The impact of education, experience, and venture capital awareness on coownership of small enterprises in Nigeria’’ aims at ascertaining whether experience, education and venture capital awareness influence the willingness of small businesses owners to share control power of their businesses. To achieve this objective, one hundred and fifty-five small enterprises were surveyed across Edo state.

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