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  • Uromin-lick (UML)/ Urea-molasses multi nutrient block (UMMB) is a convenient and inexpensive technology providing a range of nutrients to animals. It improves the digestion of low-quality roughages and acts as a blend of energy, protein and minerals. Highlighting the advantages of this technology, the present study was planned to assess the awareness and adoption of the same in field situations of Punjab, India.

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  • The root causes of the alarming health indicators in Afghanistan are poverty and the two decades of warfare that stalled economic and social progress and led to destruction of livelihoods and high levels of disability.

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  • At Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel (HUB) we have a student- centered culture. Our excellent student support, facilities, services and teaching methodology will help you obtain your goals. Our campus is located right in the centre of Brussels which is home to many international businesses as well as the NATO headquar- ters. It is also the capital of the European Union. Needless to say that the city is a multicultural and multilingual mix – full of surpris- ing contrasts.

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  • The Lao People’s Democratic Republic National Growth and Poverty Eradication Strategy (the equivalent of its Poverty Reduction Strategy) marks population issues, including SRH and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), as national priorities, while acknowledging limited success in previous reproductive health initiatives. The current draft for 2011–2015 is targeted towards achieving the MDGs, and priority directions are less explicit in terms of reproductive health (see Box 3).

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  • Providers should be aware of the relationship between infections that may be already present and the risk of iatrogenic infection. For example, clients should be checked for endogenous or sexually transmitted infections before insertions of the IUD to avoid bacteria being pushed into the uterus. Alternatively, women selecting the IUD should be encouraged to choose a different form of contraception if they consider themselves at risk of exposure to an STI.

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  • But then another side of the issue comes to the fore. The landscapes that we ordinarily know are not pristine nature, but cultivated landscapes, rural or pastoral, with their towns and cities. Over the centuries, people have worked out their geography with multiple kinds of industry and perception, mixing nature and culture in diverse ways, no doubt some better, some worse. But who is to say that a science-based appreciation is the only right one? 9 Nature as seen by science is just the way we Westerners currently 'constitute' our world—so the phenomenologists may say.

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  • The modern organic movement began in Europe around the 1920s, when a group of farmers and consumers sought an alternative to the industrialisation of agriculture. Of key importance to these farmers and consumers was caring for the soil and natural processes upon which agriculture depends, including not using inputs such as artificial fertilisers and synthetic chemicals. A leading figure at the time was the Austrian thinker, Rudolf Steiner, whose ideas led to a system of cultivation known as biodynamic.

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  • In under-sampling, instead of using all observations of the majority class to train the model, only a random subset of the majority class is used in addition to the minority class. Training samples of the majority class are randomly eliminated until the ratio of the majority and minority classes reach a preset value, usually close to 1. A disadvantage of under-sampling is that it reduces the data available for training.

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  • Globally, we are utilizing government benchmarking programs to measure performance and comply with local and federal regulations and disclosure requirements. these include programs such as EnERGy staR in the u.s., Energy performance Certificates (EpCs) across Europe, the national australian built Environment Rating system (nabERs), and the Comprehensive assessment system for built Environment Efficiency (CasbEE) in Japan.

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  • The structure and dynamics of proteins and enzymatic activity is intrinsically linked to the strength and positions of hydrogen bonds in the system.[1] A hydrogen bond results from an attractive force between an electronegative atom and a hydrogen atom.[2] The hydrogen is attached to a strongly electronegative heteroatom, such as oxygen or nitrogen, termed the hydrogen- bond donor. This electronegative atom decentralizes the electron cloud around the hydrogen nucleus, leaving the hydrogen atom with a positive partial charge.

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  • Having ranked countries by their relative macroeconomic performance during the recent crisis, we explore possible explanations for this cross-economy variation. Table 2 summarises four categories of variables measuring: banking system structure, trade openness, financial openness, and monetary and fiscal policy frameworks. Except where otherwise noted, all of these variables are measured at the end of 2007. We also consider the policy response to the crisis, looking at measures such as monetary policy easing, fiscal stimulus and bank bailouts.

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  • Continued neglect of the mental health needs of children and adolescents is unacceptable and must stop. WHO is ready to provide the support that can facilitate services development in both developing and developed countries. In partnership with other institutions and organizations, WHO will be part of the future efforts for improved services for children and adolescents.

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  • As part of the upcoming reauthorization of the Higher Education Act (HEA), you asked us to review the status of the Direct Loan Program by answering the following questions: (1) To what extent have schools participated in the Direct Loan Program? (2) What factors influenced schools’ decision to participate in the Direct Loan Program, and if applicable, what factors influenced schools’ decision to stop participating? (3) What steps has FSA taken to increase the user-friendliness of the Direct Loan Program for schools and students?...

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  • Horticulture crop production has moved from rural confines to commercial ventures and has attracted youth since it has proved to be intellectually satisfying and economically rewarding. Intensifying horticulture has been boosted up by the diversification. In the present days, the food processing sectors play the significant role in diversification of horticultural produce. The present study was conducted in Navsari district of Gujarat in order to ascertain the relationship between selected profile of mango growers with awareness and adoption about value added techniques.

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  • This edition of Instruments of the Money Market contains two chapters on subjects that were not included in the sixth edition: over-the-counter interest rate derivatives and clearing and settling in the money market. All of the other chapters have been either completely rewritten or thoroughly revised to reflect developments in recent years. All but three of the authors of the chapters in this edition were at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond when they wrote their chapters. Stephen A. Lumpkin is an economist at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve...

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  • Broadly speaking, you can deduct from your turnover all the costs you incur for the sole purpose of earning business profits. But you cannot deduct costs which you incur for a non-business purpose, such as your own personal expenses or drawings. And you cannot deduct capital costs, that is, the cost of buying fixed assets or intangibles, such as goodwill, which last for several years (or losses you suffer when you sell them). But you may be able to claim capital allowances (see page 8) for these capital costs.

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  • A further barrier to pension funds‟ investment in green projects is their lack of knowledge and experience not only with „green‟ projects, but with infrastructure investments in general (which green projects are often a subsector of) and the financing vehicles involved (such as private equity funds or structured products).

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  • Danny and Heather have asked -- not demanded, asked! -- that I consider publishing books under a NoDerivs license, so that I can consult with them before I authorize translations of my books. They want to be able to talk to potential foreign publishers about how this stuff works, to give me time to talk with them, to ease them into the idea, and to have the kind of extended conversation that helped me lead Tor into their decision all those years ago. And I agreed. Free/open culture is something publishers need to be led to, not forced into.

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  • Drawing for animation is not just copying a model onto paper; you could do that better with a camera. Drawing for animation is translating an action into drawing form so an audience can retranslate those drawings back into an experience of that action. You don’t just want to show the audience an action for them to look at it. You want to visualize an action for them to see – that is, to experience. That way you have them in your grasp, your power, and then the story can go on and the audience goes on with it, because they...

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  • We need to understand our impacts on the natural world in the fight against species loss and climate change. We need to change our patterns of consumption to combat climate change, conserve the Amazon rainforest and protect our oceans. We must become active citizens and conscious consumers, aware of the consequences of our actions and the purchases we make....

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