Azo dyes

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  • Textile industry is a leading industry for most countries, such as China, Singapore, UK, Bangladesh, Italy, Turkey etc. But, environmental pollution is one of the main results of this industry. Parralel to usage of huge amounts of water ad chemicals, the textile dyeing and finishing industry is one of the major polluters among industrial sectors, in the scope of volume and the chemical composition of the discharged effluent (Pagga & Brown, 1986).

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  • In this experiment you will prepare methyl orange, an azo dye that forms beautiful orange crystals and is used as an acid-base indicator (Figure 17.1). The anion form is yellow and the acid form is red.

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  • The book “Holograms –Recording Materials and Applications” comprises five sections. The first section has eight chapters on holographic recording materials including ionic liquids in photopolymerisable materials (Chapter 1), Norland optical adhesive 65® as holographic material (Chapter 2), porous glass and polymer nanocomposite (Chapter 3), amorphous chalcogenide films (Chaper 4), azo-dye containing materials (Chapter 5 and 6) and photochromic materials (Chapter 7 and 8). The remaining four sections are dedicated to a variety of holographic applications....

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