Bacterial homeostasis

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  • Inflammatory bowel disease research is changing. Progress in defining and treating these diseases is advancing in lock step with the furious pace of technological advances that continue to refine the tools of discovery. With sequencing of the entire genome completed, genetics research is providing direction for molecular and immunological in vivo and in vitro investigation, which in turn directs the development of targeted therapeutics.

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  • The iron responsive regulator Irr is found in a wide range ofa-proteobac-teria, where it regulates many genes in response to the essential but toxic metal iron. Unlike Fur, the transcriptional regulator that is used for iron homeostasis by almost all other bacterial lineages, Irr does not sense Fe 2+ directly, but, rather, interacts with a physiologically important form of iron, namely heme.

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  • The regulation of adenosine kinase (AK) activity has the potential to control intracellular and interstitial adenosine (Ado) concentrations. In an effort to study the role of AK in Ado homeostasis in the central nervous system, two iso-forms of the enzymewere cloned fromamouse brain cDNA library. Following overexpression in bacterial cells, the cor-responding proteins were purified to homogeneity.

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  • Chapter 16, 17 provides knowledge of reproductive system and sexually transmitted diseases. This chapter includes contents: Male reproductive system, female reproductive system, female hormone levels, control of reproduction, homeostasis, viral infectious diseases, bacterial infectious diseases, other infectious diseases.

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