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  • We all have bodies, and all our bodies function in much the same way. Each of us originates in a fertilized egg; we all breathe and maintain a heartbeat; we all eat, digest, and excrete. If we cannot perform these basic functions for ourselves, then our life depends on medical machinery doing them for us. In these respects we are all alike, and like, too, not only all the generations of human beings before us, but all mammals, birds, and reptiles. Bodies, you could say, have no history because they have been much the same since the first human beings came into existence....

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  • For centuries, blood has been considered to have mystical properties and has been associated with vitality. In ancient times, bathing in or drinking the blood of the strong was thought to invigorate the weak. For instance, among Ancient Romans it was customary to rush into the arena to drink the blood of dying gladiators [1]; among others, to drink or bathe in blood was thought to cure a variety of ailments [2]. Bleeding was practiced to let out bad blood and restore the balance of humors, thus hopefully returning the patient to health...

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  • Medicine prices are also compared with the daily wage of the lowest-paid unskilled government worker in order to derive a measure of treatment affordability. Affordability is calculated as the number of days’ wages required to purchase selected courses of treatment for common acute and chronic conditions. Comparisons are possible across sectors, product types (e.g. originator brand versus generic) and regions within a country. Finally, data on medicines prices are broken down into components to show the cumulative mark-up applied to the base price of a medicine (e.g.

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  • Studies have shown that the fewer medicines a person has to take the more likely he or she will take them. Last week, a study was released about a new treatment that combines five medicines for heart disease in one pill. Salim Yusuf of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada was the lead investigator. He presented the findings at the American College of Cardiology Conference in Orlando, Florida.

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  • Financial institutions are increasingly measuring and managing the risk from credit exposures at the portfolio level, in addition to the transaction level. This change in perspective has occurred for a number of reasons. First is the recognition that the traditional binary classification of credits into “good” credits and “bad” credits is not sufficient— a precondition for managing credit risk at the portfolio level is the recognition that all credits can potentially become “bad” over time given a particular economic scenario.

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  • The release of apoptosis-inducing proteins from the mitochondria is regulated by pro- and antiapoptotic members of the Bcl-2 family. Antiapoptotic members (e.g., Bcl-2, Bcl-XL, and Mcl-1) associate with the mitochondrial outer membrane via their carboxy termini, exposing to the cytoplasm a hydrophobic binding pocket composed of Bcl-2 homology (BH) domains 1, 2, and 3 that is crucial for their activity.

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  • The thought of mucus disturbs many people. Mucus is beneficial as the first defense of the airways. The mucus lining traps inhaled particles and allows them to be cleared from the airway by cilia and cough. The mucus layer also prevents dehydration and desiccation of the airway surface and provides a nutrient milieu for the ciliated epithelium. Mucus can also be quite bad. Airway mucus retention due to hypersecretion or poor mucus clearance is a characteristic of many airway diseases including cystic fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, and asthma.

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  • What happens when physicians become ill? How easy or difficult is it for physicians to relinquish the role of caretaker and to be cared for by others? What is unique about the psychological makeup of physicians, as well as the culture of medicine, that facilitates or impedes timely and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment? When doctors behave badly or out of character at work, what factors underlie such behavior, and what can be done about it? In assessing and treating physicians, what strategies are useful to assure accuracy while simultaneously diminishing morbidity and relieving sufferi...

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  • Robert Albert Bloch (April 5, 1917, Chicago – September 23, 1994, Los Angeles) was a prolific American writer, primarily of crime, horror and science fiction. He was the son of Raphael "Ray" Bloch (born 1884, Chicago - died 1952, Chicago), a bank cashier, and his wife Stella Loeb (born 1880, Attica, Indiana - died 1944, Milwaukee, Wisconsin), a social worker, both of German-Jewish descent. Bloch wrote hundreds of short stories and over twenty novels, usually crime fiction, science fiction and, perhaps most influentially, horror fiction (Psycho)....

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  • His return to consciousness was a slow and painful process. It was a journey in which he traversed all time. He dreamed. He rose through thick layers of sleep, out of the imaginary beginnings of all things. He lifted a pseudopod from primordial ooze, and the pseudopod was him. He became an amoeba which contained his essence; then a fish marked with his own peculiar individuality; then an ape unlike all other apes. And finally, he became a man.

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  • Oxysterols, and particularly 7-ketocholesterol, appear to be strongly involved in the physiopathology of atherosclerosis. These molecules are suspected to be cytotoxic to the cells of the vascular wall and mono-cytes⁄macrophages, particularly by inducing apoptosis. Previous studies have demonstrated that 7-ketocholesterol-induced apoptosis is triggered by a sustained increase of cytosolic-free Ca 2+ , which elicits the mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis by activation of the calcium-dependent phosphatase calcineurin, leading to dephosphorylation of the ‘BH3 only’ protein BAD....

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  • The significance of the kidney in diabetes Ferrannini • Fioretto • Groop • Hach Nauck • Thomas Edited by Piper & Raderschadt Published by infill Kommunikation GmbH .

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