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  • The 2005 Government Finance Statistics Yearbook (GFS Yearbook), contains detailed data on revenue, expense, transactions in assets and liabilities, and stocks of assets and liabilities for the general government sector and its subsectors. The data and related information are presented in world, country, and institutional tables for 130 reporting countries presented in the framework of the Government Finance Statistics Manual 2001 (GFSM 2001).

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  • The 2007 Government Finance Statistics Yearbook (GFS Yearbook) contains detailed data on revenue, expense, transactions in assets and liabilities, and stocks of assets and liabilities of general government and its subsectors. Data are presented in world and country tables for all reporting countries in the framework of the Government Finance Statistics Manual, 2001 (GFSM 2001).1 Corresponding metadata are provided in country specific institutional tables.

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  • We evaluate the accuracy of an unlexicalized statistical parser, trained on 4K treebanked sentences from balanced data and tested on the PARC DepBank. We demonstrate that a parser which is competitive in accuracy (without sacrificing processing speed) can be quickly tuned without reliance on large in-domain manuallyconstructed treebanks. This makes it more practical to use statistical parsers in applications that need access to aspects of predicate-argument structure.

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  • Medicine without statistics is quackery; statistics without medicine is numerology. Perhaps this is the main reason why clinicians should care about statistics. Statistics in medicine began in the early nineteenth century (it was called “the numerical method” then) and its debut involved disproving the most common and widely accepted medical treatment for millennia: bleeding. From ancient Rome until 1900, all physicians – from Galen to Avicenna to Benjamin Rush – strongly and clearly advocated bleeding as the treatment for most medical illnesses.

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  • The measurement of all international transactions in and out of a country over a year is a difficult task Mistakes, errors, and statistical discrepancies will and do occur Current and capital account entries are recorded independent of one another, not together as this accounting method would prescribe

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  • Asset allocation investigates the optimal division of a portfolio among different asset classes. Standard theory involves the optimal mix of risky stocks, bonds, and cash together with various subdivisions of these asset classes. Underlying this is the insight that diversification allows for achieving a balance between risk and return: by using different types of investment, losses may be limited and returns are made less volatile without losing too much potential gain.

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  • Solving particle transport problems with the Monte Carlo method is simple - just simulate the particle behavior. The devil is in the details, however. This course provides a balanced approach to the theory and practice of Monte Carlo simulation codes, with lectures on transport, random number generation, random sampling, computational geometry, collision physics, tallies, statistics, eigenvalue calculations, variance reduction, and parallel algorithms.

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  • Two-axle vehicles without trailer Low speed or kinematic steering is, as already stated, defined as the motion of a wheeled vehicle determined by pure rolling1 of the wheels. The velocities of the centres of all the wheels lie in their midplane, that is the sideslip angles αi are vanishingly small. In these conditions, the wheels cannot exert any cornering force to balance the centrifugal force due to the curvature of the path. Kinematic steering is possible only if the velocity is vanishingly small.

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  • The clients’ decision to choose the cascade system was driven by their desire to maintain the façade of this sleek iconic building, and with modern apartments increasingly using internal service risers the cascade system provides the perfect solution. The inbuilt microprocessor within the boiler enables adjustment of fan speeds to suit flue conditions and provide a balanced boiler and flue system.

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  • This book is for the lover of Dickens and of London, alike. The former without the memory of the latter would indeed be wanting, and likewise the reverse would be the case. London, its life and its stones, has ever been immortalized by authors and artists, but more than all else, the city has been a part of the very life and inspiration of those who have limned its virtues, its joys, and its sorrows,--from the days of blithe Dan Chaucer to those of the latest west-end society novelist. London, as has been truly said, is a "mighty mingling," and no one has breathed more...

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  • Chapter 19 MEAN VARIANCE PORTFOLIO ALLOCATION. Abstract The basic rules of balancing the expected return on an investment against its contribution to portfolio risk are surveyed. The related concept of Capital Asset Pricing Model asserting that the expected return of an asset must be linearly related to the covariance of its return with the return of the market portfolio if the market is efficient and its statistical tests in terms of Arbitraging Price Theory are also surveyed.

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  • This work has three major aims. The first aim is of a technical kind, and the second and third aims are broader, historical ones. The technical objective was to place the analysis of Indian public expenditure on a sounder and more informative statistical base than that on which it has hitherto rested.

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  • The empirical literature on this issue is so far very limited. One notable exception is the paper by Klüh and Stella (2008). The authors of this paper found a relatively stable and robust negative relationship between central bank financial strength and inflation, but at the same time suggested that only a relatively strong impairment of the central bank’s balance sheet would result in a significant worsening of inflation performance. Another recent contribution is Adler et al.

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  • In the U.K., the owners’ equity as a percentage of household real estate is not calculated in the Households’ net worth by asset and year statistics, unlike in the U.S Balance Sheet of Households and Nonprofit Organizations9 . However one can deduce from the available U.K. data that new housing starts from 2008 till 2011 have not led to an increased level of outstanding home loans. This means that individual households have repaid home mortgages and saved more to an extent of about £78.8 billion for the four year period 2008 to 2011. At the same time they have...

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  • Like other GCC countries, Saudi Arabia, as the world’s largest producer and exporter of oil, has benefitted from increasing oil revenues in recent years. Although Saudi Arabia has not formally established a SWF, its central bank holds a significant amount of international investments outside of traditional foreign reserves, and thus is not reflected on the previous chart. Separately, the Saudi central bank controls an estimated $320 billion in foreign assets, with “additional reserves that are not made public for national security reasons.

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  • The most direct power of stock exchanges to enforce compliance obviously pertains to those standards which are also incorporated in the listing requirements. For instance, in the Australian model only those recommendations of the Code which are also part of the listing rules are subject to regular surveillance and enforcement by the ASX16 , whereas others recommendations are to be observed on the CoE basis.

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  • Many governments acknowledge that environmental degradation and climate change pose international and trans-boundary risks to human populations, economies, and ecosystems that could result in a worsening of poverty, social tensions, and political stability. To confront these global challenges, countries have negotiated various international agreements to protect the environment, reduce pollution, conserve natural resources, and promote sustainable growth.

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