Bandwidth shaping

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  • When I Œrst started using OpenBSD sometime in 1999, it certainly wasn't because I wanted to write a book about it. All I needed was a stable server for my home network, something I could conŒgure and forget about. I tried all obvious suspects: FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and four or Œve different Linux distributions, My choice was OpenBSD, because it installed without problems, was easy to conŒgure, and did not have the infuriating problems with NFS that plagued me on Linux at that time.

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  • PCM consists of three steps to digitize an analog signal: 1.Sampling 2.Quantization 3.Binary encoding Before we sample, we have to filter the signal to limit the maximum frequency of the signal as it affects the sampling rate. Filtering should ensure that we do not distort the signal, ie remove high frequency components that affect the signal shape.

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  • Large bandwidth penalty since the subcarriers can’t have perfectly rectangular pulse shapes and still be time-limited. Very high quality (expensive) low pass filters will be required to maintain the orthogonality of the subcarriers at the receiver.

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  • In this chapter we present some of our results concerning source models for H.261 coded VBR (variable bit rate) video. Video services have been forecasted to be a substantial portion of the traf®c on emerging broadband digital networks. Statistical source models of video traf®c are needed to design networks that delivery acceptable picture quality at minimum cost, and to control and shape the output rate of the coder.

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  • Since the digital representation of raw video signals requires a high capacity, low complexity video coding algorithms must be defined to efficiently compress video sequences for storage and transmission purposes. The proper selection of a video coding algorithm in multimedia applications is an important factor that normally depends on the bandwidth availability and the minimum quality required.

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  • An ultrawideband (UWB) pentagon shape planar microstrip slot antenna is presented that can find applications in wireless communications. Combination of the pentagon shape slot, feed line and pentagon stub are used to obtain 124% (2.65–11.30 GHz) impedance bandwidth which exceeds the UWB requirement of 110% (3.10–10.60 GHz). A ground plane of 50 mm 80 mm size is used which is similar to wireless cards for several portable wireless communication devices. The proposed antenna covers only the top 20 mm or 25% of the ground plane length, which leaves enough space for the RF circuitry.

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  • Parametric representation of shapes, mechanical components modeling with 3D visualization techniques using object oriented programming, the well known golden ratio application on vertical and horizontal displacement investigations of the ground surface, spatial modeling and simulating of dynamic continuous fluid flow process, simulation model for waste-water treatment, an interaction of tilt and illumination conditions at flight simulation and errors in taxiing performance, plant layout optimal plot plan, atmospheric modeling for weather prediction, a stochastic search method that explores ...

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  • A planar antenna with a broadband feeding structure is presented and analyzed for ultrawideband applications. The proposed antenna consists of a suspended radiator fed by an n-shape microstrip feed. Study shows that this antenna achieves an impedance bandwidth from 3.1–5.1 GHz (48%) for a reflection of coefficient and an average gain of 7.7 dBi. Stable boresight radiation patterns are achieved across the entire operating frequency band, by suppressing the high order mode resonances. This design exhibits good mechanical tolerance and manufacturability....

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  • Wireless cellular networks are an integral part of modern telecommunication systems. Today it is hard to imagine our life without the use of such networks. Nevertheless, the development, implementation and operation of these networks require engineers and scientists to address a number of interrelated problems.

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