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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Essentials of mechatronics" has contents: Introduction, the bare essentials, gaining experience, introduction to the next level, electronic design, essential control theory.

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  • When you purchase most home appliances, they come with an owner’s manual. The owner’s manual is the bible of information for that appliance. It tells you what each button does and how to set up and configure your new appliance to get it ready for operation.The owner’s manual also includes the actual steps to operate the appliance, and it often contains information on how and where to obtain service and parts, basic troubleshooting tips, and precautions you should be aware of before using the appliance....

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  • Although the etimology of the word risk is not certain, two possible sources are truly revealing: riscus and rizq. The mediaeval Latin word riscus signifies a reef or a rock sheer from the sea, evoking a sense of danger for the ships. The Arabic rizq can instead be interpreted as: all that comes from God, the bare essentials, from which an advantage can be taken. These two different meanings reflect the essential aspects of risks. They express the danger of suffering a loss as a consequence of adverse events but they could also relate to the acquisition of some kind of gain....

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  • Studies show that one in every eleven women operates her own business. However, while multitudes of these women-owned ventures are spreading, with their numbers growing by the thousands each day, only about 5% make it to the classification of businesses that are worth over a million dollars. In her many travels as president and spokesperson of US-based and woman-centric consultancy company WomanBusinessOwner.

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  • Sometimes a burst of diversification is accompanied by dramatic morphologi - cal evolution—an event known as an adaptive radiation. When the ancestors of Darwin’s finches arrived on the Galápagos Islands a few million years ago, they did not simply evolve into 14 barely distinguishable species. They evolved dis- tinctive beaks and behaviors that allowed them to feed on cactuses, crack hard nuts, and even drink the blood of other birds. The Great Lakes of East Africa also saw an adaptive radiation of cichlid fishes.

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  • Mô hình hóa mô hình Bare Essentials chỉ có các phần cần thiết của mô hình của bạn cho hình ảnh động. Nói cách khác, không xây dựng các chân của một nhân vật nếu bạn chỉ nhìn thấy nó từ phần eo trở lên. Mô hình hóa nhiều hơn chỉ lãng phí tài nguyên máy tính,

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  • There has been a small revolution in data acquisition systems for scientific use in recent years. It was not so long ago that hardware and processing power were expensive. and software nonexistent. Every program had to be written from scratch in a low-level language and, if you did not want your program to.take all night to run, it usually included large chunks of assembler code as well. Nowadays there are many data acquisition systems to choose from, with good hardware and vastly improved software running on fast personal computers....

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