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  • Engineered barriers to isolate potentially harmful waste from humans and ecosystems have been used for over 35 years, and much has been written about them and their constituent components. However, few reports have provided an overall assessment of the performance of engineered barrier systems. The last broad assessment was conducted in 1995 (Rumer and Mitchell, 1995). Since that time, new materials and sensor technologies have been introduced and models to predict contaminant transport have improved.

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  • More specifically, we must further examine health beliefs, and food beliefs and practices that have symbolic or traditional importance to determine how knowledge, beliefs and attitudes translate into eating behaviour in older adults, especially at advanced ages. More research is needed to clarify the relative contribution of income, ethnic background and other personal predictors of healthy eating – self-control, emotions, resistance to change, time constraints, lack of knowledge – and environmental factors governing food availability and cost.

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  • This study investigates the hypothesis that shifts in women’s relative income, which affects their bargaining power in the household, have discernible effects on household saving, and by extension on aggregate saving due to differing saving propensities by gender. An analytical framework for pooled and non-pooled savings households is developed to examine why women and men’s saving propensities may differ and how a change in women’s wage earnings relative to men’s influences household savings which constitutes a significant component of gross domestic saving.

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  • Cancer Epidemiology aims to train future epidemiologists to investigate the causes of cancer, including host and environmental factors in human populations. The strategies for cancer prevention and control in the general population and within disproportionately affected population include providing a better understanding of cancerrelated behaviors, identifying new markers for the early detection of cancer, providing a better understanding of cancer-related health disparities and identifying and addressing barriers to care.

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  • The major theme of this study component involves carrying out projections of demand for poultry feeds and its implications for wheat and maize production. For this purpose, the projection of poultry and poultry products has to be carried out first. Two approaches can be employed to estimate the medium and long- term demand for use of grain as poultry feeds. One approach involves projecting demand derived from the consumption of poultry products (meat and eggs). The approach may be called "Demand Approach" 2 .

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  • This ASTRA network paper examines barriers to accessing reproductive health services and supplies in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The paper finds that reproductive health is not prioritised in government policies: they lack a commitment to recognise reproductive health supplies as an important component of public health and human rights and there is no adequate legislation and policy in this area. Condoms are widely available, but their cost is often high, especially for young people.

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  • Paradoxically, skin is both a primary barrier to systemic absorption of topically exposed chemicals and a portal to systemic delivery of transdermal medicaments. Knowledge of the factors that determine both extent and rate of chemical flux across the skin is an important component of both toxicology and pharmacology studies. The aim of this book is to provide current approaches and techniques by which dermal absorption may be quantitated utilizing end points relative to these two disciplines.

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  • Epithelial mucins are large complex cell surface and secreted glycoproteins produced by mucosal epithelial cells. Mucins are a major component of the interface between the external world and mucosal tissues, where they provide lubrication, hydration, and a biological and physical barrier to potential toxins, particles, and pathogens. Mucins provide many challenges to researchers due to their large size, complex biochemical nature, and the viscous gels that they form when secreted.

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  • Financial incentives are an important tool that can help individuals and businesses overcome the barrier of high initial equipment costs for these technologies. But, to be effective, these incentives should be considered as one component in a comprehensive approach to creating a sustainable market.

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  • The project objective was to explore the reasons why consumers don’t read and understand privacy notices and to use this research to develop paper-based, alternative privacy notices— or components of notices—that consumers can understand and use. We used a rigorous, research-based design model to gather data and make revisions after each iteration based on consumer input. This process of designing and revising allowed us to continually modify general and specific features of the prototype, such as content, presentation, and wording.

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  • Nephrin is a signalling cell–cell adhesion protein of the Ig superfamily and the first identified component of the slit diaphragm that forms the critical and ultimate part of the glomerular ultrafiltration barrier. The extracellular domains of the nephrin molecules form a network of homophilic and heterophilic interactions building the structural scaffold of the slit dia-phragm between the podocyte foot processes.

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  • Writing English is a big barrier for most Chinese users. To build a computer-aided system that helps Chinese users not only on spelling checking and grammar checking but also on writing in the way of native-English is a challenging task. Although machine translation is widely used for this purpose, how to find an efficient way in which human collaborates with computers remains an open issue.

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