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Base of information system

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  • The spread of infectious diseases has a close relationship with temporal and spatial localities because it is more likely to occur if individuals are in near disease sources in terms of specific space and time. Therefore, it is important to take both temporal and spatial factors in the epidemic data analysis. The basic principle is to examine the dependent relationship among observations on both space and time dimensions.

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  • The book "Multimedia information retrieval: Theory and techniques" focuses on the processing and search tools applicable to the management of new multimedia documents. These matters merge in the methodology of MIR, an organic system composed of the TR, VR, VDR and AR systems.

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  • Information retrieval techniques: Lecture 44. The main topics covered in this chapter include: recommender systems; personalization; basic types of recommender systems; collaborative filtering; content-based recommending;... Please refer to the content of document.

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  • Detecting and tracking a particular person are considered the main tasks of a mobile robot. In this paper, we propose a real-time mobile robot system using 3D Kinect sensor for automatically detecting, tracking, and following humans. This method is based on depth information, skeleton, and color of humans from 3D camera.

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  • The goal of book "Principles of Visual Information Retrieval" is to describe and illuminate the fundamental principles of visual information retrieval. Consequently, the intention is to introduce basic concepts and techniques, and develop a foundation, which can be used as a cornerstone for later study and research. Please refer to the content of part 1 of book.

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  • This book "Database System Concepts (Sixth edition)" present the fundamental concepts of database management. These concepts include aspects of database design, database languages, and database-system implementation. Part 2 of book provide students with knowledge about: transaction management; concurrency control; recovery system; system architecture; database-system architectures; parallel databases; distributed databases; data warehousing, data mining, and information retrieval; specialty databases;...

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  • In this paper, we propose a simple-yet-efficient adaptive control method for accurate tracking-control problems of DC motors. Structure of the controller is designed based on a Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control framework. For significantly improving quality of the control system, a nonlinear-spatial adaptation law is proposed to reasonably adjust the control parameters based on information of the control error acquired.

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  • Software design - Lecture 7. The main topics covered in this chapter include: tree-structures; possible solution - subsystem based; possible solution - layer based; another definition of information hiding; module's interface specification; database management system;...

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  • Distributed Database Management Systems: Lecture 29. The main topics covered in this chapter include: locking based CC; timestamp ordering based CC; TM sends ops and other information to LM; LM checks the status of data item;...

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  • Wireless networks - Lecture 10: Evolution of wireless networks (Part 3). The main topics covered in this chapter include: limitation of 3G; 4G objectives; convergence of cellular and WLAN; billing issue; wireless networks; fully IP-based integrated system; convergence of high speed internet & mobility a major driver of future wireless;...

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  • Lecture Human-Computer interaction - Lesson 3: Introduction to Human-Computer interaction (Part 3). The main topics covered in this chapter include: effect of computer systems on human productivity, employee loyalty, revenue, and customer loyalty, computers + information,...

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  • — In this article, a travelling wave antenna that covers the 2 to 4 GHz band for human movement recognition is proposed. It is composed of a waveguide structure with slots in order to generate radiating beams in different directions. This frequencyscanned antenna is used to determine the moving target based on the Micro-Doppler radar effect. Then frequency signature obtained from the scanned system provides the 2D radar image of the movement.

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  • Population ageing and social transformation present tremendous challenges to the informal support system of older adults, which engendered institutional care in China. This study aimed to examine the association between multimorbidity and institutional care willingness, and investigate whether there is an interaction effects between multimorbidity and functional limitations on institutional care willingness among Chinese older adults.

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  • The institutionally oriented papers focus on solar thermal energy and bio-based thermal energy. Other thermal technologies, such as geothermal wells, are largely neglected in the literature, but are known to have different institutional constraints. Informal rules and values are mainly researched from a consumer perspective. Since energy communities often consist of consumers and prosumers, additional research is warranted into this area.

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  • This study focuses on the identification of potential landfill sites in Srinagar city based on Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing; using techniques such as Multi Criteria Evaluation (MCE) and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP).

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  • Evaluation of the spatial distribution of 2 ecologically similar, but different, in terms of their spatial ranges, earthworm species, D. octaedra and D. attemsi, in the belt forests of northwestern Caucasus were based on our own natural data and using geographic information system (GIS) modeling of modern potential distributions. The quantitative records of earthworms were collected in beech, deciduous, dark coniferous, coniferous-deciduous, and pine forests (1028 geographic locations).

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  • The immobilization method and atomic concentrations of Si 2p, Au 4f, S 2p, C 1s, N 1s, and O 1s of the resulting SA–biotin modified Si surface were determined by XPS. The CD spectrum and confocal microscopy imaging confirmed that step-by-step modification and bioconjugation can be monitored successfully. Such detailed and well-defined step-by-step characterization provides good information about the surface properties of biosensor platforms. In addition, the LSPR sensing ability of the Au Np based platforms was studied by using a model SA–biotin system.

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  • Conventional reliability theory comprises two core hypotheses: (A) the probability assumption and (B) the binary-state assumption. The probability assumption requires full characterization of the system behavior in the context of the probability evaluation, whereas the binary-state assumption assumes that the system has only two states at any time. These two states are the functioning state and the failed state.

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  • The proposed approach allows the representation, handling and utilisation of different levels of uncertainty in knowledge. This allows transformation-based fuzzy rule interpolation techniques to model and harness additional uncertain information in order to implement an effective fuzzy interpolative reasoning system.

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  • The proposed method is tested over a dataset of hands from 100 subjects. The best obtained Equal Error Rate is 0.52%. Results demonstrate that discarding features that are more prone to distortions allows lighter processing, but also produces better performance than using the full set of features.

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