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  • This article summarizes expertise gleaned from the first years of Internet-based experimental research and presents recommendations on: (1) ideal circumstances for conducting a study on the Internet; (2) what precautions have to be undertaken in Web experimental design; (3) which techniques have proven useful in Web experimenting; (4) which frequent errors and misconceptions need to be avoided; and (5) what should be reported. Procedures and solutions for typical challenges in Web experimenting are discussed.

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  • A pandemic is a global disease outbreak. A flu pa demic occurs when a new influenza virus emerge for which people have little or no immunity, and f which there is no vaccine. The disease spreads ea ily person-to-person, causes serious illness, and can sweep across the country and around the world in a very short time. It is difficult to predict when the next influenza pandemic will occur or how severe it will be. Wherever and whenever a pandemic starts, every one around the world is at risk.

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  • Unit 3: At home. Period 17: Lesson 4: Read I. Objectives: - After the lesson, Ss will be able to understand the safety precautions in the house and practice using Why - because. II. Preparation: - Textbook. III. Teaching procedure: 1. Organization: 2. Oral test: - Homework correction. 3. New lesson: A. Warm- up: Brainstorming: Drug electricy Danger in the home for children Boiling water knife Fire gas B. Presentation: * Pre- reading: - Teach some new words: a precaution a socket a match an object safety (to) destroy (to) injure + Checking: Slap the board.

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  • Once sustained human infection is documented, early in a pandemic, especially before a vaccine is available or during a period of limited supply, HHS may implement travel-related and community-based public health strategies in order to impede the spread of the virus and reduce the number of people infected.

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