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  • n these lecture notes, a selection of frequently required statistical tools will be introduced and illustrated. They allow to post-process data that stem from, e.g., large-scale numerical simulations. From a point of view of data analysis, the concepts and techniques introduced here are of general interest and are, at best, employed by computational aid. Consequently, an exemplary implementation of the presented techniques using the Python programming language is provided.

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  • Metabolomics data analyses rely on the use of bioinformatics tools. Many integrated multi-functional tools have been developed for untargeted metabolomics data processing and have been widely used. More alternative platforms are expected for both basic and advanced users.

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  • The basic objective of soil testing programme is to give farmers a service leading to better and more economic use of fertilizers and soil management practices for increasing agricultural production. Now a day’s consumption of fertilizer by farmer is higher than actual requirement. The farmers do not follow the soil testing technique.

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  • There are many books written about statistics, some brief, some detailed, some humorous, some colorful, and some quite dry. Each of these texts is designed for a specific audience. Too often, texts about statistics have been rather theoretical and intimidating for those not practicing statistical analysis on a routine basis. Thus, many engineers and scientists, who need to use statistics much more frequently than calculus or differential equations, lack sufficient knowledge of the use of statistics.

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  • These assumptions unraveled quickly once the housing market turned in late 2006 and loan performance worsened. By end-2009, the Case-Shiller single family homes index had fallen by 30 percent and the unemployment rate had doubled relative to their levels at the peaks of the housing and business cycles. Data from the Mortgage Bankers’ Association of America indicate that by end-2009 over 4½ percent of all mortgage loans, (including more than 3 percent of conforming conventional loans), were in the foreclosure process.

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  • Chapter 12 - Analysis of variance. Learning objectives of this chapter include: List the characteristics of the F distribution, conduct a test of hypothesis to determine whether the variances of two populations are equal, discuss the general idea of analysis of variance, organize data into a one-way and a two-way ANOVA table, conduct a test of hypothesis among three or more treatment means.

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  • (BQ) This book e xplains how an econometrics computer package, Stata, can be used to perform regression analysis of cross-section and panel data. The term microeconometrics is used in the book title because the applications are to economics-related data and because the coverage includes methods such as instrumental-variables regression that are emphasized more in economics than in some other areas of applied statistics. However, many issues, models, and me thodologies discussed in this book are also relevant to other social sciences.

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  • This book is written for those physicists who want to work on Wall Street but have not bothered to read anything about Finance. This is a crash course that the author, a physicist himself, needed when he landed a financial data analyst job and became fascinated with the huge data sets at his disposal. More broadly, this book addresses the reader with some background in science or engineering (college-level math helps) who is willing to learn the basic concepts and quantitative methods used in modern finance.

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  • This article outlines the basic parameters and current status of the Integrated Data for Event Analysis (IDEA) project. IDEA provides a comprehensive events framework for the analysis of international interactions by supplementing the event forms from all earlier projects with new event forms needed to monitor contemporary trends in civil and interstate politics.

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  • Poverty is not only lack of income it is also a social phenomenon in which a section of a society unable to access the basic necessaries of the life. Even with implementation of poverty alleviation programme by government of India, the level of poverty has not decreased up to the mark in India.

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