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  • Có 8 từ loại trong tiếng Anh: 1. Danh từ (Nouns): Là từ gọi tên người, đồ vật, sự việc hay nơi chốn. Ex: teacher, desk, sweetness, city 2. Đại từ (Pronouns): Là từ dùng thay cho danh từ để không phải dùng lại danh từ ấy nhiều lần. Ex: I, you, them, who, that, himself, someone. 3. Tính từ (Adjectives): Là từ cung cấp tính chất cho danh từ, làm cho danh từ rõ nghĩa hơn, chính xác và đầy đủ hơn. Ex: a dirty hand, a new dress, the car is new....

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  • Basic English Grammar is a developmental skills text for students of English as a second or foreign language. Serving as both a reference and a work, it introduces students to the form, meaning, and usage of basic structures in English. It provides ample practice through extensive and varied written and oral exercises.

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  • Can be used as the core of a listening course, as a complementary text in a conversation course, or as the basis for a language laboratory course. *The vocabulary, topics, grammar and question formats prepare students for success on university entrance examinations.

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  • First, this chapter explains the rationale behind the testing methodologies used for college placement exams, and then it answers some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that you may have. Next, you will also get a feel for what you should expect after the test, both academically and socially as you embark on the wondrous thing that is the college experience. Last, you’ll explore the myths versus realities about college from those who have been there. So start making the most of your college days even before classes start....

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  • If you are working alone to review the basics or prepare for a test in connection with a job or school, you will probably want to use this book in combination with a basic grammar and usage text or with Writing Skills Success in 20 Minutes a Day. If you're fairly sure of your basic language-mechanics skills, however, you can use 501 Grammar and Writing Questions by itself.

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  • IQ test book is the author of two KEN RUSSELL PHILIP caster and consists of 1000 multiple choice questions in English about many areas, especially in mathematics, the geometry of space, and language skills with very many interesting things are waiting for you / try your IQ by as much test and test again with the answer books were available at the end!

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  • This is summarizes all of Japanese Basic level grammar. It can be used for individual study using the simple explanations and examples. In addition you can study while traveling by listening to the accompanying CD. To check your understanding, please also try the practice problem.

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  • The Heinemann ELT English Grammar: An Intermediate Reference and Practice Book An intermediate grammar reference and practice book that offers students comprehensive coverage of grammar points from pre-intermediate to intermediate level. - Each grammar point is given a clear and comprehensive explanation, followed by a wide variety of stimulating practice exercises. This gives a rich and varied approach to grammar practice at this level. - Regular review units help check and consolidate students’ progress. A 32-page test section is also included at the back of the book.

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  • Test your english idoms is a welcome addition to the test your vocabulary series and is intend for intermediate / advanced students. Altogether, the book contains more than 750 idioms in current use and, as the title suggests, the emphasis is on testing rather than teaching.English grammar is the grammatical structure of English sentences just the place orderly, proper and harmonious relations between the word elements to form a complete sentence and regulations in order to communicate a correctly, and basically most scientific....

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  • Test your English Vocabulary in Use is designed to help students assess their Vocabulary learning. It can be used independently as a testing book, or by learners who are using English Vocabulary in use and want to assess their progress. Learners can use this test book on their own, but it can also be used by a teacher working with groups of students in a classroom.

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  • Learning materials for English reference, to help you improve your vocabulary and vivid vocabulary test. Interesting and useful document for your favorite school subjects in English.

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  • The following is a summary of English theory and application of a multiple choice quiz from basic to advanced, to help you would be able to review and reinforce the foundation of English subject knowledge, gain confidence good results in the foreign language exam.

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  • Whilst the author has made every effort to ensure that the content of this book is accurate, please note that occasional errors can occur in books of this kind. If you suspect that an error has been made in any of the tests included in this book, please inform the publishers at the address printed below so that it can be corrected at the next reprint.

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  • Northstar, now in its third edition, motivates students to succeed in their academic as well as personal language goals. For each of the five levels, the two strands -- Reading and Writing and Listening and Speaking -- provide a fully integrated approach for students and teachers. What is Special about the Third Edition? *New Themes and Updated Content -- presented in a variety of genres and in authentic materials -- challenge and engage students intellectually.

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  • GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a test and evaluation to help universities, organizations sponsoring scholarships properly assess the capacity of the candidates when applying for graduate study in America. GRE test candidates on three basic capabilities as the language (Verbal), mathematics (Math) and writing (Analytical Writing). GRE is an exam really difficult because it requires you to have a huge vocabulary of about 5000 words and all proficient skills. Therefore, should the practice GRE Study and Review takes a lot to invest time and effort....

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  • The Entry test is ,111 optional test which coveissome of the key Grammar and Vocabufaiy points nom File 1. You may want to give your students this test so that you 0111 get an idea of their starting level -for example, are they complete beginners or do they have some knowledge of English already, and how much basic language do they know?

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  • The market is essay-level developmental writing, often referred to as the "bridge" course (to freshman composition). At the developmental level, the bridge course (and texts for it) apes freshman composition but includes more basic grammar review than the typical comp course. The course may or may not include a research paper, but focuses nonetheless on writing essays.

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  • The TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests include tasks that people might perform in work-related situations or in familiar daily activities that are common across cultures. The tests assess English- language speaking and writing profi ciency and do not require test takers to have specialized knowledge of business.

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  • SAMPLE TOEIC Form ST-05 Read the directions on the back cover. Do not break the seal until you are told to do so. This test book and the answer sheet must be handed in separately as instructed at the end of the test. Copyright © 2006 by Educational Testing Service. All rights reserved. ETS, the ETS logo, and TOEIC are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service. .LISTENING TEST In the Listening test, you will be asked to demonstrate how well you understand spoken English. The entire Listening test will last approximately 45 minutes.

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  • Model Test 3 LISTENING COMPREHENSION Part I: Picture Directions: In your test book, you will see a picture. On the compact disc, you will hear four statements. Choose the statement that most closely matches the picture and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet. 1. Look at the picture marked number 1 in your test book. (A) All the plates are empty. (B) The waiter's taking an order. (C) The woman is watching the servers. √ (D) The menu is on the table. 2. Look at the picture marked number 2 in your test book. (A) The joggers are stretching. (B) Loggers can...

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