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  • Making Out in Korean – Revised Edition – The books in the Making Out series are fun and accessible guides to languages as they’re spoken on the street. Making out in Korean: Part 1 (revised edition) features: A casual form of spoken Korean in everyday life Explanations of basic Korean grammar;...

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  • ENG406 is essay Writing & Presentation Skills course designed for students to develop knowledge of essay crafting skills and presentation techniques relevant to future programs and career fields. After successfully completing ENG406, the student will be able to: write variety of essay styles (narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive), write for a variety of purposes and audiences, apply the writing process (prewriting, writing, and revising), demonstrate basic grammar and sentence skills in writing, develop his/her personal writing style/voice,...

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  • The main contents of the chapter consist of the following: After successfully completing ENG406, the student will be able to: Write variety of essay styles (narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive), write for a variety of purposes and audiences, apply the writing process (prewriting, writing, and revising), demonstrate basic grammar and sentence skills in writing, develop his/her personal writing style/voice, self-edit writing and analyze other writing samples, critically evaluate a variety of reading passages, carry out library and on-line research, organize and deliver an oral pres...

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  • In this lecture we introduced the basic notation and terminology required to describe formal grammar and languages, we showed how a finite set of production rules (a gram- mar) was a convenient way of describing a potentially infinitely large set of strings (a language), we describe how regular expressions provide a con- venient way of describing regular languages,...

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  • The definition of Theme used in this paper places Theme at the point where the grammar of the clause meets the surrounding text and also relates to the thought in the speaker's mind. However, before the position is further expounded, a discussion of the different definitions and views of Theme-Rheme is provided to shed more light over the issue. Basically, the different views can be divided into four categories, based on different definitions of the Theme itself: Theme as topic, Theme as given or known, Theme as having the least degree of communicative dynamism, and Theme as message onset.

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  • part 1 this book includes these contents: laying out the concrete slab: grammar basics, mastering mechanics, the pickier points of correct verb and pronoun use. invite you to consult this book.

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  • This grammar workbook has been created for personal and classroom use. This workbook cannot be altered or edited in any way. This workbook cannot be given or sold to a third party in any form. Anyone found in violation of our use policy is subject to lawful actions.

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  • intermediate german is designed for learners who have achieved basic proficiency and wish to progress to more complex language. its 24 units present a broad range of grammatical topics, illustrated by examples which serve as models for varied exercises that follow. these exercises enable the student to aster the relevant grammar points.

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  • this book is meant both for the learners and the teachers of russian.the name of the book speaks for itself: "a basic modern russian grammar".the attention is focused on the facts of modern russian language which arebasic, of high frequency and in common most of the learners are not professional linguists the author tried to avoidunnecessary linguistic terms.the explanations, charts and presentation of grammar material enable thelearners of russian understand some practical mechanisms of the languagein a certain logical order .the teachers of russian can use it in their practical work.

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  • part 1 book "tofel 'bt insider - the super guide" introduce: 'bt reading question types, thematic reading practice, listening section (main idea questions, supporting detail questions, content linking questions, organization questions), speaking section (brainstorming and note taking, the basics of sentence structure, varying word choice and grammar usage ,...)

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  • (BQ) Educational board games are often expensive and sometimes limited in scope. The games in This document can be used exactly as they are printed or you can photocopy the boards, color them, laminate them, and store them in file folders for repeated use. The games are designed to reinforce a variety of basic grammar skills. At least two games are included for each skill in the book, and two different skill levels are addressed within each skill area

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  • Chapter 5 - Improving your writing: grammar and self-editing. On completion of this chapter students will know how to: identify ways to improve writing independently, develop a strategic approach to editing written work, understand the basic features of specific grammatical constructions.

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  • (BQ) Tài liệu Macmillan student's dictionary written for students with a basic knowledge of the English lanuage but who have not yet reached an advanced level of ability. It has been prepare with two particular groups of users in mind: Students for whom English is a second language, that is those who are taught school subjects.

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  • Following the contents of the first book English grammar for economics and business for students and professors with English as a foreign language, part 2 presentation of content: The finishing touchesr 22 basic tisp for the final editing of texts and theses - a checklist; everything you alwys wanted to know about the definite and the indefinite article. Invite you to refer to the disclosures.

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  • Lecture Chapter 5: Testing vocabulary presented Choose the word which is nearest in the meaning to the word in italics The stem is replaced by the picture. The stem consists of a definition. The stem consists of a lexical item (choose the best synonym or definition) The stem consists of a sentence.

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  • As you begin English Grammar Demystifi ed, get ready for a different learning experience. English Grammar Demystifi ed will help you better understand and use the English language, but you will fi nd that this book takes a different approach from the usual English improvement text. In the fi rst two parts of this book, you will learn the basics of English grammar with a thorough overview of the parts of speech and punctuation and capitalization rules. The third part of the book builds on these skills, giving you sound advice on mastering proper sentence structure and refi ning your writing.

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  • French Demystified help you untangle complicated grammar rules, master the essential French Verb tenses, build a rich French vocabulary, reinforce skill with Quizzes, written and oral exercies, and a final exam.

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  • 4 periods Main language focus: Reading comprehension A. Objectives: Students will demonstrate successful reading for comprehension of tools and jobs in construction. B. Prior Knowledge Most students have knowledge on Basic English.

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  • The second edition of First Steps in Academic Writing , by Ann Hogue, provides high-beginning to low-intermediate students with essential tools to master basic academic writing. The text's time-proven approach integrates paragraph organization, sentence st

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  • The market is essay-level developmental writing, often referred to as the "bridge" course (to freshman composition). At the developmental level, the bridge course (and texts for it) apes freshman composition but includes more basic grammar review than the typical comp course. The course may or may not include a research paper, but focuses nonetheless on writing essays.

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