Basis of importation

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  • This investigation was conducted at the University of wales in 1991-1994. The work described in this paper concerned with the genetic basis of variation in important characters of linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.).

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  • The Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (hereinafter referred to collectively as "Parties" and individually as "Party"), Desiring to establish and develop mutually beneficial and equitable economic and trade relations on the basis of mutual respect for their respective independence and sovereignty; Acknowledging that the adoption of and compliance with international trade norms and standards by the Parties will aid the development of mutually beneficial trade relations, and should be the underlying basis of those relations...

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  • This fourth revised edition of “Technical Basis of Radiation Therapy: Practical Clinical Applications”, edited by S. H. Levitt, J. A. Purdy, C. A. Perez, and S. Vijaykumar, continues this publication’s outstanding excellence in the definition of the technical advances for radiation therapy. The previous three editions were milestones in the definition of new technologies and how they would be applied in clinical practice.

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  • The Evaluation Council decides on the audit results on the basis of a proposal by the Secretary General. The Council and the Secretary General are responsible for ensuring that audit decisions are impartial and of equal quality. The Council has access to the audit team’s report when making the decision. In addition, the chair or vice-chair of the audit team gives an oral presentation of the audit’s key results at the decision-making meeting and answers the Council’s questions on the issues presented in the report.

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  • Age is an important demographic variable and the primary basis of demographic classification in vital statistics. Figure 2.1 shows the distribution of the household population by five-year age groups, from data collected in the 1996 NFHS, 2001 NDHS and 2006 NDHS. Children under 15 years of age account for nearly half of the total population. A comparison of the NDHS data over the last ten years shows little change in the age structure of the population. However, there is a slight reduction in case of children less than 5 years in 2006 (from 16 percent in 1996 to 13...

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  • Study objectives: To clarity the scientific basis (both theoretical and practical) to recommend measures to overcome the technical barriers of importing countries, promote the export of garment and textile in Vietnam.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "tax laws and practice" has contents: introduction and important definitions, basis of charge, scope of total income and residential status, incomes which do not form part of total income, computation of total income under various heads, deductions from gross total income,... and other contents.

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  • This study presents an original and penetrating analysis of the complex problems surrounding the automatic generaton of natural language text. Laurence Danlos provides a valuable critical review of current research in this important and increasingly active field, and goes on to describe a new theoretical model that is thoroughly grounded in linguistic principles.

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  • The interaction of nonlinear oscillations is an important and interesting problem, which has attracted the attention of many researchers. Minorsky N. [5] has stated "Perhaps the whole theory of nonlinear oscillations could be formed on the basis of interaction".

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  • The results of this study indicate that residents in the establishment of two Sunni and Shiite, each with evidence of various urban spaces, to reflect a political and religious ideas in the form of the rulers and the has been expanding various parts. Place core and the central city, the changes left and semi-independent elements(total small) such as the mosque, citadel, market , square andJurjan urban structure have been developed from the military is an important part of its regular network of streets, including main and sub-parallel to that, they cut each other.

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  • Chapter 2 - The Australian court system. The main contents of the chapter consist of the following: Doctrine of precedent, basis of precedent, precedents, jurisdiction, importance of a court hierarchy, court hierarchy, specialist tribunals,...

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  • Korea also has a plan to build one more pool-type reactor, the Kijang Research Reactor, in Kijang, Busan. The safety classification of SSCs for pool-type research reactors is proposed in this paper based on the IAEA methodology. The proposal recommends that the SSCs of pool-type research reactors be categorized and classified on basis of their safety functions and safety significance.

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  • The States Parties to this Convention, Bearing in mind the broad objectives in the resolutions adopted by the sixth special session of the General Assembly of the United Nations on the establishment of a New International Economic Order, Considering that the development of international trade on the basis of equality and mutual benefit is an important element in promoting friendly relations among States,

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  • CONTENTS CONTENTS Manufacturing Considerations in Machine Design C H A P T E R n 53 Manufacturing Considerations in Machine Design 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. Introduction. Manufacturing Processes. Casting. Casting Design. Forging. Forging Design. Me chanical Wor king of Metals. Hot Working. Hot Working Processes. Cold Working. Cold Working Processes. Interchangeability. Important Terms Used in Limit System. Fits. Types of Fits. Basis of Limit System. Indian Standard System of Limits and Fits.

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  • This paper studies the responses of residential property and equity prices, inflation and economic activity to monetary policy shocks in 17 countries, using data spanning 1986-2006. We estimate VARs for individual economies and panel VARs in which we distinguish between groups of countries on the basis of the characteristics of their financial systems. The results suggest that using monetary policy to offset asset price movements in order to guard against financial instability may have large effects on economic activity.

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  • Understanding and quantitative describing of marine ecosystems requires an integration of physics, chemistry and biology. The coupling between physics, which regulates for example nutrient availability and the physical position of many organisms is particularly important and thus cannot be described by biology alone. Therefore the appropriate basis for theoretical investigations of marine systems are coupled models, which integrate physical, chemical and biological interactions.

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  • Science seeks to understand and explain our world, be that its physical composition (geology), chemical composition (chemistry), the way its composite matter interacts (physics), or the organisms that inhabit it (biology). We can only get an idea of what life is all about by piecing together information from each discipline to give us the big picture. We don’t have to look very far to realize that it is difficult, if not impossible, to separate biology from chemistry. After all, our body is a bag of chemicals.

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  • FACTORS INFLUENCING ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT STUDENTS IN THAI PRIVATE HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS This idea forms the basis of my empirical strategy. In essence, I compare the sorting parameter θ * in equation (3) across metropolitan housing markets with greater and lesser degrees of residential school choice. Let θ =θ(c,δ)= E[θ *|c,δ] be the average effectiveness sorting of markets characterized by the parameters c and δ , where c is the degree of jurisdictional competition (i.e.

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  • Expressiveness refers to the ability of the event notification service to provide a powerful data model with which to capture information about events, to express filters and patterns on notifications of interest, and to use that data model as the basis for optimizing notification delivery.

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  • The Art of Public Speaking or less consciously invented the unreal on the basis of the real. And just here the fictionist, the poet, and the public speaker will see the value of productive imagery. True, the feet of the idol you build are on the ground, but its head pierces the clouds, it is a son of both earth and heaven. One fact it is important to note here: Imagery is a valuable mental asset in proportion as it is controlled by the higher intellectual power of pure reason. The untutored child of nature thinks largely in images and...

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