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  • Manufacturers base the performance of electronic devices on a perfect battery, a condition that only exists when the battery is new. By reading Batteries in a Portable World, you will acquire a better understanding of the strengths and limitations of the battery, learn about different battery types and discover what conditions are best for a battery. The book is easy and entertaining to read and makes minimal use of technical jargon.

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  • Electrically powered road vehicles are currently more and more debated and many new prototypes of vehicles and batteries have been presented, e.g. at the 18th International Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition in October 2001 in Berlin, Germany, the world’s largest event on this topic under the motto ‘‘Clean and efficient mobility for the millennium’’.

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  • In order to meet the increasing demand for valve-regulated lead–acid ŽVRLA. batteries, a new soft lead has been produced by Pasminco Metals. In this material, bismuth is increased to a level that produces a significant improvement in battery cycle life. By contrast, other common impurities, such as arsenic, cobalt, chromium, nickel, antimony and tellurium, that are known to be harmful to VRLA batteries are controlled to very low levels. A bismuth ŽBi.-bearing oxide has been manufactured ŽBarton-pot method. ...

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  • The influence of temperature and the type of expander on the cycle life of negative lead±acid battery plates set to cycling tests following the requirements of the ECE-15 test protocol has been investigated. The plates prepared with the currently used expanders Vanisperse (Vs) or Indulin (In) alone have a considerably shorter cycle life than negative plates produced with a blend of the two expanders.

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  • Today the most important electrochemical storage systems for stationary applications are the lead-acid and the nickel/cadmium systems. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages which carefully have to be considered for best selection. Batteries for telecom applications are specially designed for long service life and hours of discharging time. Batteries for UPS applications are designed for discharges with high current over short times (minutes). Special battery constructions are offered for the different requirements. ...

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  • Batteries are generally galvanic cells which convert chemical energy into electrical energy. As mobile sources of energy, we can no longer imagine life in the modern world without them. Every year in Germany, approximately 1 billion portable batteries are sold, an equivalent of around 30,000 tons (Table 19.1). We can state that 85% of the battery market comprises non-rechargeable primary batteries and 15% rechargeable secondary batteries.

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  • Pb–Ca foil laminated on rolled sheet for positive grid of lead-acid battery is proposed to prevent premature capacity loss (PCL) during charge–discharge cycling. Batteries with Pb–Ca foil laminated on positive grid had longer life during charge–discharge cycle than conventional battery, which failed early by PCL. PCL is a phenomenon due to the increase of the interfacial resistance between the positive grid and the positive active mass (PAM) during discharging by PbSO4 formation in the corrosion layer....

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  • The innovative solution proposed in this paper to improve both cycling life and performances of a very low cost lead–acid battery is the combination of the compression concept and the use of micro-porous additives added in the active mass.

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  • The effect of fast and three-step charge mode on the capacity and cycle life of lead±acid battery negative plates was investigated using a model mini electrode (ME). It has been found that the charge algorithm exerts a strong effect on the charge acceptance of the negative electrode. In the two-step charging mode I1, j2 with increase of the current at the ®rst step of charge, the capacity of the negative electrode decreases and the cycle life shortens. This phenomenon is reversible as it is probably due to the incomplete reduction of PbSO4 to Pb. The phenomenon is explained...

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  • In October 1999, Palm, Inc. entered the wireless Internet market with the introduction of the Palm VII organizer.Although the Palm VII wasn’t the first portable device to feature built-in wireless networking, it was the first based on the successful Palm OS operating system, and it had an irresistible combination of size, battery life, throughput, and coverage area. In designing the Palm VII, Palm, Inc. had several advantages over its competitors. First, it was based on an established operating system with a variety of applications already available.

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  • Batteries are an essential component of virtually all aircraft electrical systems. Aircraft batteries are used to start engines and auxiliary power units (APUs), provide emergency backup power for essential avionics equipment and lighting systems, assure no-break power for navigation units and fly-by-wire computers, and to provide ground power capability for maintenance and preflight checkouts. Many of these functions are critical to the safe operation of the aircraft, so the reliability of an aircraft battery is of utmost importance.

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  • The rapid development of science and technology leads to improvement of human life, but also creating of new crisis situation. Mankind is confronted with risks that have not been seen before in human history. Global worming is one of the typical examples. Although ma‐ jority of the experts that are studying climate changes claim that global worming is a fact and that it is caused by human, there are also scientists that doubt those statements. One of the main problems related to critical situations is – mater of responsibility.

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  • Practical implementation of software defined radio (SDR) for mobile wireless devices will place significantly increased demands on design approaches and integrated circuit (IC) technology. Next generation wireless terminals, third generation (3G) and beyond, are required to provide much higher levels of features, functions, and services than their second generation (2G) counterparts. Examples include such capabilities as higher throughput, multiband, multimode, multimedia, and location-based services.

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  • Architecture is designed to support a network where mobile station is responsible for the decision making. Advantages are ² very tolerant of faults in all of the WLAN equipment. ² eliminates any possible bottlenecks a centralized architecture would introduce. Architecture has power-saving modes of operation built into the protocol to prolong the battery life of mobile equipment without losing network connectivity. Components Station the component that connects to the wireless medium. Supported services are authentication, deauthentication, privacy, and delivery of the data....

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  • Programmability often allows for noninvasive correction of pacemaker malfunction, optimizing battery life and adjustment of the pacemaker to the patient's physiologic needs, which may change over time. Before external programming is performed, any problems must be appropriately diagnosed and the clinical status of the patient, especially the degree of the patient's pacemaker dependency and the safety margin left after programming, must be considered.

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  • The duty and performance of the vacuum mixing and reacting technology for the preparation of lead/acid battery paste is reported. The production results achieved under vacuum are compared with those of conventional, air-cooled plants. Due to the more effective cooling and the use of a closed system, improvements such as reduced burned-lead portion, control of paste composition and formulation accuracy, and independence of climatic conditions are achieved.

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  • Expanders are an essential component of leadracid batteries. They prevent performance losses in negative plates that would otherwise be caused by passivation and structural changes in the active material. The functions of the components of modern negative-plate expanders are described and data are presented to show how the capacity and life of the battery are affected by the type and amount of barium sulfate and lignin incorporated in the expander blend.

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  • An organized system of follow-up is important for all device patients and is best facilitated through the patient's membership in a formal pacemaker/ICD follow-up clinic. The first formal clinic follow-up visit is usually scheduled at approximately 3 months after implantation to allow for completion of the lead-tissue maturation process, which may affect sensing and capture thresholds. Reprogramming, to account for any threshold change since implant, and still provide a safety margin along with improved battery life, may be done at that time.

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  • Amidst the welter of publicity devoted to the newer battery chemistries, the remarkable progress made by leadracid battery technologists in response to the needs of the emerging electric-vehicle market has tended to be overlooked. The flooded design of battery, launched by Gaston Plante around 1860, has given way to a valve-regulated variant which has a history dating only from the 1970s.

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  • High-power lead–acid batteries have been used for a rather long time in various applications, especially for uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) and starting of automobiles. Future automotive service requires, in addition to cold-cranking performance, the combination of highpower capability, a very good charge-acceptance, and an excellent cycle-life. Such applications include stop–start, regenerative braking, and soft, mild and full hybrid vehicles. For UPS, there has been a clear tendency to shorter discharge times and higher discharge rates. ...

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