Battery system design

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  • Today the most important electrochemical storage systems for stationary applications are the lead-acid and the nickel/cadmium systems. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages which carefully have to be considered for best selection. Batteries for telecom applications are specially designed for long service life and hours of discharging time. Batteries for UPS applications are designed for discharges with high current over short times (minutes). Special battery constructions are offered for the different requirements. ...

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  • As I write this in the year 2002 electric vehicles (EVs) are practically irrelevant for road transport (Figure 10.1). In the year 2000 there were 109 electric cars registered in Germany out of 3,378,343 total (0.003%). Why do we talk about EVs at all? Electricity is widely used in nearly all industrial and private areas because it can be converted easily into heat, light, and motion and runs all electric devices. Electricity is convenient, clean where it is used, and economical.

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  • Modern embedded systems come with contradictory design constraints. On one hand, these systems often target mass production and battery-based devices, and therefore should be cheap and power efficient. On the other hand, they still need to show high (sometimes real-time) performance, and often support multiple applications and standards which requires high programmability.

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  • Thus can be seen that the effect of seismic activity direction perpendicular to the axis is lower than for the direction of the bridge axis when the more powerful seismic forces used for design. In design solutions at 800 gal or more, on the other hand, the collapse does not occur even with a force of 1,000 seismic gal.Next, icon. 12 represents the total repair cost for each design solution matrix calculated from the loss in Table 5.

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  • Some terms, which will be repeated throughout this book, shall be defined more precisely: . . . . ‘‘Portable batteries’’ are understood to be all kinds of electrochemical energy-storing devices used in portable appliances regardless of whether they are rechargeable or not. Non-rechargeable batteries are called primary cells (batteries) or dry cells (batteries). Rechargeable batteries are called secondary batteries or accumulators. Also the terms ‘‘galvanic primary’’ and ‘‘galvanic secondary’’ cells are common. ...

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  • contents: power semiconductors, dc to dc converters, off-the-line switchmode power supplies, rechargeable batteries and their management,...

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  • This paper presents an isolated PV system that can exploit maximum energy from PV, protect system automatically whenever having an requirement in breaking down circuit or having any faults to ensure electric power for load. It also proposes an automatic energy management system to control power operating point of PV, capacity charging and discharging for battery. This system is built and tested in an experiment model: PV-battery-load system that can adapt to an existed PV source to supply electric power for LED lighting.

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  • Continued part 1, Automotive design and the role of the chemist: Part 2 present the content such as: engineering polymers, high-temperature and -pressure applications, and structural polymers, automotive requirements, materials and processing; power train applications, some important additives, transmission fluid types; seal and gasket design, thermal serviceability range, Fluoropolymer elastomers; Hvac system overview and refrigerant design, refrigerant performance and some key definitions, new developments in refrigerant design; fuel-cell chemistry overview, fuel cells as automotive propu...

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  • This study will calculate, design, and fabricate the inertial energy recovery model of the vehicle during braking or deceleration. This energy recovery unit is applicable to conventional vehicles, including a double planetary gear set is added in parallel with the propeller shaft; a generator is coaxial with the flywheel to convert the mechanical energy into electricity to recharge for battery.

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  • One of the most recent optimization techniques applied to the optimal design of photovoltaic system to supply an isolated load demand is the Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm (ABC). The proposed methodology is applied to optimize the cost of the PV system including photovoltaic, a battery bank, a battery charger controller, and inverter. Two objective functions are proposed: the first one is the PV module output power which is to be maximized and the second one is the life cycle cost (LCC) which is to be minimized.

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  • The world over the decades has made considerable advancement in automation; it is employed in homes, industries, commercial and educational sectors. In present work, a solar power-operated microcontroller-based automatic college bell is designed and developed. For the harmonic tuning, converted normal college bell into automatic college bell and powered by solar PV system with battery backup. It uses electrical coil for generating the EMF for striking the clapper on the edge of a bell for making sound. It uses the Real Time Clock (DS1307) which tracks the real time.

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  • In the paper, based on the theory of pulse charging method and the design of the pulsed fast intelligent charging equipment is presented, the implementation of hardware and software process of the system is given out, the analysis of the results show that it can effectively prevent overcharge and low charge phenomenon in the charging process of battery.

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  • The solar powered aeroponic system was developed for cultivation of high valued crops. The aeroponic system was developed by using different components like SPV (Solar Photovoltaic) module, growth chamber, mister, nutrient tank, D.C pump, battery and digital timer. The system comprising a 120 W SPV module with 84 W D.C motor pump, main, submain, laterals and misters. The mister discharge, pump discharge, current, voltage, pump pressure and discharge of misters were tested. The mister with discharge of 7.2 lph in the pressure range was 3.8 kg cm-2 provided by the pump.

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  • This study attempted to design an intelligent, portable device as hardware for dust measurement by IMHEN. The device is able to collect a specific dust level, the time and location of various measurements, and environment parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, atmosphere pressure, etc. The device’s design used the programmable Arduino Mega 2560 board as the main processing unit. The device is small, portable, battery-operated which makes it to be suitable for mobile measurement of environment parameters.

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  • In October 1999, Palm, Inc. entered the wireless Internet market with the introduction of the Palm VII organizer.Although the Palm VII wasn’t the first portable device to feature built-in wireless networking, it was the first based on the successful Palm OS operating system, and it had an irresistible combination of size, battery life, throughput, and coverage area. In designing the Palm VII, Palm, Inc. had several advantages over its competitors. First, it was based on an established operating system with a variety of applications already available.

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  • The field of information and communication technologies continues to evolve and grow in both the research and the practical domains. However, energy efficiency is an aspect in communication technologies that until recently was only considered for embedded, mobile or handheld battery constraint devices.

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  • The successful accomplishment of a space mission is dependent on proper and reliable functioning of the power system of the spacecraft in orbit. The stringent demands on performance including weight, volume, reliability, durability, and cost make the design of the spacecraft power system a challenging exercise. Further, since a space mission is inherently expensive, the necessity of optimization and built-in reliability becomes a rule rather than an exception for all the onboard systems.

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  • The project describes the development of a hydroponic system using solar panel to control light and water pump using an automatic time controller and also to minimize operational cost up to 40 %, to maintain continuity of renewable energy source and to release dependency from electric utility. Solar power is ideally used in India due to location factor and also gives the benefit to the environment as renewable energy. The solar assisted hydroponic green fodder gadget consists of solar panel, battery, micro sprinklers and automatic time controller.

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  • SIGNALI R MOBILE TELECOMMUNICATIONS Cellular mobile telecommunications is one of the most important telecommunication developments of the last decade. The technical concepts underlying this type of communications were developed by Bell Laboratories [1,2], and implemented in the ~dv~~~ed rn~bi~e telephu~e service intern (AMPS). All current cellular systems in the U.S. are descendants of AMPS. Early mobile stations (MS) were designed as car phones. They were too bulky to be carried around, and had to be powered by the battery of the car.

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  • Aiming to compare the cooling effect, two types of solar-powered semiconductor air-conditioning devices were designed in different structures. According to the cooling load in an experimental room, the solar panels and battery capacity were determined for the development of a test system.

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