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  • This book is written for non-programmers, and is aimed at levelling the learning curve as much as possible. In the best tradition, Become An Xcoder is released as a free booklet in pdf format under a Creative Commons License. You'll go beyond the basics and dive into such in-depth topics as installing the latest version of Xcode tools, customizing the look and behavior of Xcode, creating and managing projects, using the built-in class browser to model complex applications and structures, and more. ...

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  • Apple provides you with all the tools you need to create great Cocoa applications, for free. This set of tools, known under the name Xcode, comes with Mac OS X, or you can download it from the developer section on Apple’s website. Several good books on programming for the Mac exist, but they assume that you already have some programming experience. This book doesn’t. It teaches you the basics of programming, in particular Objective-C programming, using Xcode. After some 5 chapters, you will be able to create a basic program without a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

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