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  • Mike Mallison and Nicko were in the office when the new clients entered. A girl and an elderly man. The girl smiled at Mike. Then she looked at Nicko and a sharp involuntary scream got past her lips. "It's all right, lady," Mike said. "He won't hurt you. He never injures a client. Won't you sit down?" Nicko wasn't

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  • The fact is that we still clearly have a need for good managers —people who are able to effectively plan, organize, direct and control. We also have a great need for leaders inside organizations— people who inspire, motivate, and develop others. And we need leaders at all levels in our organization, not just at the top. The old adage that we manage things and lead people applies here, albeit with a slight revision—the need is to successfully manage projects and activities while simultaneously leading people effectively......

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  • Before looking at the steps necessary to build the preceding application, I should cover what the term .NET means and what it offers to a software developer. .NET is an infrastructure that provides two major benefits: productivity and security. Using .NET, a developer can write code for many modern problem domains faster, and during coding, the developer faces fewer pitfalls that could end up in security vulnerabilities. Furthermore, .NET code can be implemented so that it can be executed with restricted access to APIs.

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  • Before looking at ASP.NET, let’s briefly take a look at the short but eventful history of Active Server Pages to see how we got to where we are today:

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  • Taking readers through the basics of the language, right up to some more advanced topics, this book is a practical, hands-on resource and aims to keep the reader involved at all times Focuses on the SQL standard and is loaded with detailed examples and code; each chapter includes practice exercises that readers can challenge themselves with before looking at the sample solutions in the appendix Paul Wilton is a successful Wrox "Beginning" book author and is an ideal author to write for those who want a firm grasp of standard SQL before learning the details specific to a particular databas...

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  • – THE GRE VERBAL SECTION – 4. Once you understand a question, try to answer it in your own words before looking at your answer choices. Distracter answers often take one of several forms: ■ They are close to the correct answer, but are wrong in some detail. ■ They are true, but do not answer the question. ■ They use language found in the text, but are not the correct answer. 5. As with all the multiple-choice questions on the GRE, elimination is an important strategy for the reading comprehension questions. Even if you don’t know the answer to a...

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  • A tall, well-favoured youth, coming from the farther South, boarded the train for Richmond one raw, gusty morning. He carried his left arm stiffly, his face was thin and brown, and his dingy uniform had holes in it, some made by bullets; but his air and manner were happy, as if, escaped from danger and hardships, he rode on his way to pleasure and ease. He sat for a time gazing out of the window at the gray, wintry landscape that fled past, and then, having a youthful zest for new things, looked at those who traveled with him in the car. The company seemed...

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  • It cannot be said that the Everhard Manuscript is an important historical document. To the historian it bristles with errors—not errors of fact, but errors of interpretation. Looking back across the seven centuries that have lapsed since Avis Everhard completed her manuscript, events, and the bearings of events, that were confused and veiled to her, are clear to us. She lacked perspective. She was too close to the events she writes about. Nay, she was merged in the events she has described. Nevertheless, as a personal document, the Everhard Manuscript is of inestimable value.

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  • the whole of French literary history, there is, perhaps, no subject of such inexhaustible and modern interest as that of George Sand. Of what use is literary history? It is not only a kind of museum, in which a few masterpieces are preserved for the pleasure of beholders. It is this certainly, but it is still more than this. Fine books are, before anything else, living works. They not only have lived, but they continue to live. They live within us, underneath those ideas which form our conscience and those sentiments which inspire our actions.

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  • How can you make resources available to users on the Web? The simplest way is to build a simple website. Before looking at how to do it, let’s start with some basic concepts to understand how you communicate with your users on the Web.

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  • We begin our investigation with a comprehensive look at possible lunar cycle effects in U.S. stock returns. We find that stock returns are substantially higher around new moon dates as compared to full moon dates. This pattern exists for all major U.S. stock indexes over the full history of available returns, including the Dow Jones Industrial Average (1896-1999), the S&P 500 (1928-2000), NYSE-AMEX (1962-2000), and Nasdaq (1973-2000). The economic magnitude of this difference is large, with daily returns around new moon dates nearly double those around full moon dates.

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  • When the dawn is born, and before the world is bathed in liquid light, look up at the morning sky, and give thanks for another day of being alive. - Khi bình minh lên và trước khi thế giới được tắm trong ánh sáng lòng nhìn lên bầu trời buổi sáng, và cám ơn cho ngày khác đang sống.

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  • What Is Accent? Accent is a combination of three main components: intonation (speech music), liaisons (word connections), and pronunciation (the spoken sounds of vowels, consonants, and combinations). As you go along, you'll notice that you're being asked to look at accent in a different way. You'll also realize that the grammar you studied before and this accent you're studying now are completely different. Part of the difference is that grammar and vocabulary are systematic and structured— the letter of the language.

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  • Đã bao giờ các bạn tự hỏi "wear" hay "put on", "look hay see", "convince hay persuade" chưa? Loại bài về các từ hay bị nhầm lẫn sẽ cung cấp những lời giải thích ngắn gọn nhất! 1. Phân biệt Wear và Put on - I put on my clothes before going out. - The girl who wears a purple robe, is my sister. Nhận xét: Hai động từ trên đều có nghĩa là mặc, nhưng to put on chỉ một hành động; còn to wear chỉ một tình trạng. Vậy, muốn dịch câu: "Tôi rửa mặt rồi mặc quần áo". Đừng...

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  • This chapter introduces basic concepts needed for the study and description of morphologically complex words. Since this is a book about the particular branch of morphology called word- formation, we will first take a look at the notion of ‘word’. We will then turn to a first analysis of the kinds of phenomena that fall into the domain of word-formation, before we finally discuss how word-formation can be distinguished from the other sub-branch of morphology, inflection.

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  • I knew I had to look for new ways to guide my children's education. As a mother as well as an accountant, I have been concerned by the lack of financial education our children receive in school. Many of today's youth have credit cards before they leave high school, yet they have never had a course in money or how to invest it, let alone understand how compound interest works on credit cards. Simply put, without financial literacy and the knowledge of how money works, they are not prepared to face the world that awaits them, a world in which spending is emphasized over savings....

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  • It’s not immaterial that much of her grammar wisdom came from her now-deceased father— a stickler of the first order whose parental nurturing included lessons against the evils of split infinitives right along with loving injunctions like “eat your vegetables” and “look both ways before crossing the street.” In effect, I was telling her: My Garner’s and Oxford and Chicago and Strunk and White and AP can beat up your daddy (your dead daddy).

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  • wouldn’t buy a new home just because it looked good from the outside. We would do a thorough walk-through first. We’d examine the fur- nace, check for a leaky roof, and look for cracks in the foundation. Mutual fund investing requires the same careful investigation. You need to give a fund more than a surface-level once-over before investing in it. Knowing that the fund has been a good performer in the past isn’t enough to warrant risking your money. You need to understand what’s inside its portfolio—or how it invests.

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  • Computer is widespreadly used. It can be found in schools, in offices, even in homes. Every body rushes to learn how to use computers to have the advantages coming from this modern machine. In fact, computer has made life easier. Computer helps people do many things quicker and faster than they did before. A very clear evidence is that documents can be composed without papers. In our forefathers’ time, a draft paper should be used before they have a finished one. After draft, they must spend a certain time to rewrite in another paper to make it better to look at....

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  • Before we dig into the details of Visual Basic .NET, let’s take a look at an overview of all the changes and new features.This new release is a significant change from the previous version. It will take some effort to get used to, but I am sure you will feel that the new features will make it worthwhile.Visual Basic .NET is more than just an upgrade from Visual Basic 6.0. As you would expect, the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has been enhanced with some new features. All of the Visual Studio development tools will now share the same environment.

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