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  • Behaviors là các đoạn kịch bản (Scrip) được thiết kế sẳn bằng chương trình Dreamweaver, có chức năng giúp thêm các điều khiển, hàm kiểm tra trình duyệt; thêm hệ thống liên kết Popup_Menu, chèn âm thanh; kiểm tra form, làm phong phú hơn trang Web của bạn;... Chương này sẽ hướng dẫn cách sử dụng behaviors và form. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo để biết thêm chi tiết.

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  • We are grateful to everyone who attended the panel’s first meet- ing and provided perspectives on issues of human research participant protection in the social, behavioral, and economic sciences (SBES). We acknowledge the wealth of information that we obtained from web- sites of private and public organizations and from previous surveys of the review process for research with human participants (see the appendices).

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  • Demographics and saving behavior of households in rural areas of Vietnam: An empirical analysis. This paper studies the saving behavior of rural households in Vietnam from two asp ects: volume of savings and methods of saving. Two econometric models are con- ducted, the first one is a panel data model, used to examine the determinants of household saving.

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  • . In this paper an approximate analytical solution to analyze the nonlinear buckling and postbuckling behavior of imperfect functionally graded panels with the Poisson’s ratio also varying smoothly along the thickness is investigated. Based on the classical shell theory and von Karman’s assumption of kinematic nonlinearity and applying Galerkin procedure, the equations for finding critical loads and load-deflection curves of cylindrical panel subjected to axial compressive load with two types boundary conditions, are given.

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  • This paper investigates postbuckling behavior of thick FGM cylindrical panels resting on elastic foundations and subjected to thermal, mechanical and thermomechanical loading conditions. Material properties are assumed to be temperature dependent, and graded in the thickness direction according to a simple power law distribution in terms of the volume fractions of constituents.

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  • This paper examines the link between countries’ governance quality and firms’ use of derivatives using a novel hand-collected dataset. Our panel data includes 881 non-financial firms across eight East Asian countries. We found that better country governance induces firms to use derivatives to hedge exposure and mitigate costs.

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  • In this paper, a robust method for optimizing steel moment frames is developed in which the panelzone design is considered by using doubler plates. The objective function is the total cost of beams, columns, and panel-zone reinforcement. The strength and serviceability constraints are evaluated by using a direct design method to capture the nonlinear inelastic behaviors of the structure. An adaptive differential evolution algorithm is developed for this optimization problem.

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  • This study translated and culturally adapted the Comfort Behavior Scale (Comfort-B) into Vietnamese using a standard protocol guided by the World Health Organization. Methods: The ComfortB was translated into Vietnamese and then English back-translated by independent translators. These versions were reviewed and assessed by a Vietnamese expert’s panel and an English expert’s panel.

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  • 3.

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  • With differing views on future developments,companies, especially largeinternationalcompanies, are positioning themselves to take advantage of emerging environmental trends. Among Japanese companies visited, the panel observed an acute interest in using the environmental advantages of their products and processes to enhance their com-petitive position in the market.

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  • Social Security payments and DB pension plans have traditionally provided the bulk of retirement income in the United States. For example, the U.S. Social Security Administration reports that 44 percent of income for people 65 and older came from Social Security income in 2001 and 25 percent came from DB pensions. As Figure 1.

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  • To estimate equation (5) we have to take into account the potential endogeneity of financial performance and board appointment decisions. Furthermore, including the lagged dependent variable as an independent variable makes the fixed effects estimator not only biased, but also inconsistent. To overcome this problem an instrumental variables (IV) estimator could be used. However, appropriate governance instruments are not easy to find.

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  • An employment interview is an exchange of communication between an employer and job applicant for the purpose of considering an employment match. One company representative or a panel of people can conduct interviews. Chapter 16 provides knowledge to how tnterviewing to get the job.

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  • Terminology related to commercial real estate investment products varies widely and is often unclear due to the complexity of the instruments. For purposes of this report, FinCEN used the following working definitions. REITs3 , which came into formal existence in the 1960s due to tax law changes4 , are entities that typically own multiple commercial properties, often focused in one sector of the commercial real estate market. Institutional and individual investors can purchase REIT shares in the public market or in private offerings. CMBS have existed since the mid-1990s.

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  • An expert panel was convened, consisting of individuals with expertise in the areas of media use and its measurement, adolescent sexual health, and media effects on sexual health. Panelists were also expert in the use of new media in sexual health interventions. One goal was to identify gaps and set priorities for

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  • Whereas spark erosion and lasermachining are suitable for any metal, the use of mechanical precision machining and the tools suitable for this type depend on the stability of the alloy. For brass and copper, natural diamondmicrotools are suitable and widely used, while for stainless steel and nickel- based alloys, hardmetal tools are needed. Figure 1.3 shows a natural diamond cutter, whereas Figure 1.4 shows a hard metal drill. Figure 1.5 shows photos of a rhodium honeycombmicrochannel catalyst system.

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  • The latter part of the 20th century saw a tremendous burgeoning of information about the causes, course, and consequences of delinquent careers. During this period, our knowledge about the epidemiology of delinquency and crime, risk and protective factors for this type of behavior, etiological theories, and life-course consequences of adolescent deviance expanded exponentially. All of these topics were examined from multidisciplinary perspectives and the rate at which our knowledge base expanded was revolutionary....

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  • Legal definitions of IPV reference state or federal laws and generally refer specifically to threats or acts of physical or sexual violence including forced rape, stalking, harassment, certain types of psychological abuse and other crimes where civil or criminal justice remedies apply. Laws vary from state to state. Since non-physical forms of IPV can have many medical, psychological, behavioral and developmental effects, the definition used in these Guidelines is better suited for the identification and treatment of IPV in the health care setting.

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  • An employment interview is an exchange of communication between an employer and job applicant for the purpose of considering an employment match. One company representative or a panel of people can conduct interviews. Chapter 16 provides knowledge to how tnterviewing to get the job.

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  • A challenge to EMH is that individuals often overreact and underreact to news causing stock markets to react according to investor behaviour in their investment decision making. Generally, the study determined the effect of investor behaviour on stock market reaction of listed companies in Kenya.

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