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  • Azoospermia is defined as the complete absence of spermatozoa upon examination of the semen [including capillary tube centrifugation (CTC), strictly confirmed by the absence of spermatozoa issued in urine after ejaculation]. The presence of rare spermatozoa (

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  • A challenging issue for boards can be finding directors who reflect the diversity of the community in which the organization operates. Boards benefit from having members with a variety of experiences and outlooks. They may encounter problems, however, if individual directors see themselves only as representatives of specific communities or interest groups. Representation that gives rise to the formation of camps or factions on the board can be a barrier to effective goal-setting and decision-making.

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  • Ibbotson’s earlier work (with numerous co-authors) has documented the past returns of the major asset classes, thus revealing the payoffs received for taking various types of risk, and has presented an approach to forecasting future asset class returns. The asset classes that Ibbotson and his associates are best known for studying are stocks, bonds, bills, and consumer goods (inflation).

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  • Of course, one of the best (and most enjoyable) things that you can do to maintain your judging skills is to continually practice by sampling a variety of beers and brewing your own beers. In addition to visiting pubs and microbreweries, you can sample homebrew regularly by attending homebrew club meetings. Entering beers in competitions is also a practical way to compare your flavor perception and troubleshooting skills with those of experienced judges.

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  • Fornari and Mele (2009) provide a detailed assessment of the out of sample forecasting ability of univariate linear and non linear models which rely on financial indicators. Overall, their conclusion is that the term spread, together with a time-varying measure of stock market volatility, does a rather good job in anticipating the rates of change in the US post-War industrial production index.

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  • In the early years of Moody’s, Standard, Poor’s, and Fitch, they earned revenue by selling their assessments of creditworthiness to investors. This occurred in the era before the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was created in 1934 and began requiring corporations to issue standardized fifi nancial statements. These judgments come in the form of “ratings,” which are usually a letter grade. The best-known scale is that used by Standard & Poor’s and some other rating agencies: AAA, AA, A, BBB, BB, and so on, with pluses and minuses as well....

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  • A pregnant woman is considered to always have a “full stomach” due to delayed gastric emptying and incompetent lower esophageal sphincter. Thus, pregnant women are at increased risk for aspiration (13;14). Therefore, prophylactic measures to prevent aspiration should be used, particularly during the third trimester. A woman with multiple gestation is at increased risk for aspiration in the mid-second trimester because of the large uterus. Maintaining a semi-seated position and avoiding excessive sedation are required to prevent aspiration.

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