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  • The development of biotypes and existence of variability in Brown planthopper population always demands for the identification of new sources of resistance from time to time. However, the presence of desirable quality and yield traits in the genotypes along with source of resistance to BPH will be an added advantage. Screening was carried out with 39such promising rice genotypes and three checks following standard seed box technique. The test revealed 17 genotypes to be moderately resistant with damage score ranging between 3.6 -5.0.

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  • One hundred one genotypes/lines of mungbean germplasm were screened against MYMV, cercospora and anthracnose under natural field conditions at Tripura centre lembucherra. The germplasm was categorized in to resistant and susceptible depending upon severity of disease. The present investigation aimed to identify stable both MYMV, cercospora and anthracnose resistant lines with high yielding through screening under natural condition. The experimental material consisted of 101germplasm lines screened under field condition.

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  • Tamil Nadu is one of the top rice production states in India. Southwest monsoon failure of recent years in Tamil Nadu hits with severe drought, especially in the regions of Ramanathapuram districts. The main objective of present study is to isolate drought tolerant bacteria from phyllosphere of drought tolerant rice varieties cultivated in paramakudi region. Rice phyllosphere constitutes the diversified microbial community.

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  • Kodo millet varieties (T1V1 - CO3 and T1V2 - Market variety) Little millet varieties (T2V1 - CO2, T2V2 - CO4, T2V3 - CO3, T2V4-Chittansamai, T2V5-Kozhuthanasamai and T2V6 - Market variety), Foxtail millet varieties (T3V1 - CO5, T3V2 - CO6, T3V3 - CO (Te)7 and T3V4- Market variety) were procured from different places and study their physical and sensory characteristics to found that best millet variety for the standardization of porridge. The physical characteristics of little millet varieties viz., thousand grain weight, thousand grain volume and bulk density were studied.

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