Beta particles

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  • This Report addresses in considerable detail the consequences of hot particles on and near the skin, in the eye, ear, respiratory system, and gastrointestinal tract. Limits for exposures from hot particles are recommended. If exposures are maintained below the recommended limits, few, if any, deterministic biological effects are expected to be observed, and those effects would be transient in nature. If effects from a hot-particle exposure are observed, the result is an easily treated medical condition involving an extraordinarily small stochastic risk.

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  • Once NOSE was running, we began converting the Gamma software. This process took 4-6 man months but lasted about 6 months as, in the process of the conversion, we discovered that the interface between the SCSI disk controller and memory was not able to transfer disk blocks larger than 1024 bytes (the pitfall of being a beta test site). For the most part the conversion of the Gamma software was almost trivial as, by porting NOSE first, the differences between the two systems in initiating disk and message transfers were completely hidden from the Gamma software.

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  • Shielding gloves and sleeves containing up to 0.33 mmPb are manufactured. Like aprons, they are ineffective shields against most radiations other than electrons (beta particles) and low energy scattered X rays. Wearing the gloves reduces dexterity and consequently, if used inappropri- ately, will result in significant hand doses and greater body doses by prolonging the exposure. The sleeves are flexible and, when used as local shielding, provide good cover for the extremities.

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