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  • Tham khảo sách 'implementing splunk: big data reporting and development for operational intelligence', công nghệ thông tin, hệ điều hành phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Splunk is a data collection, indexing and visualization engine for operational intelligence. It's a powerful and versatile search and analysis engine that lets you investigate, troubleshoot, monitor, alert, and report on everything that's happening in your entire IT infrastructure from one location in real time. Splunk collects, indexes and harnesses all the fast moving machine data generated by our applications, servers, and devices - physical, virtual and in the cloud.

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  • After decades of exponential increase in computing power per dollar, the HEC community faces great challenges in creating the hardware, software, and systems to achieve and exploit the next few orders of magnitude increase in HEC capability expected by 2020. These challenges include developing applications and system architectures that effectively utilize billion-fold concurrency, reducing the energy per computation by orders of magnitude, achieving system resilience at extreme scales, and enabling future revolutions in simulation and big-data-enabled science and technology. ...

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  • Nam Dinh. is a big agricultural province in Red River delta of North Vietnam, where were planted three main agricultural products: rice, corn, peanut. By case-study investigation and energy analysis, the report put out detail information on biomass energy of rice straw, rice husk, com straw, corn core, peanut straw and total biomass energy from agricultural wastes in Nam Dinh province. According to investigation data, yearly the total agricultural wastes in Nam Dinh province is more than 1l million tons.

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  • Up to present, in Vietnam, the traditional methods used to map marine bathymetry are still very popular. These techniques have advantages of giving a high accuracy but still show big disadvantages of taking too much time for the data acquisition and processing and of being very expensive for the field works. Compensated to these cons the remote sensing technique seems to be an ideal solution since the images covers almost places on the earth with very high frequency (hours) of acquisition and served with a reasonable price even some of them can be downloaded from the internet for...

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  • This recent trend of the FDI into the Brazilian pulp and paper sector is probably connected to the general international trend for substituting long for short-fiber pulp that has been observed in the pulp industry. The international producers are searching for new mixtures of the two fibers aiming to increase the content of short-fiber pulp, which is the cheapest one. Consequently a strong increase in the international demand for short-fiber pulp is expected2 .

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  • The newestmember of themitogenactivatedprotein (MAP) kinase family of proteins, extracellular signal regulated kinase 5 (ERK5; also known as big-mitogen activated kinase 1 or BMK1) is widely expressed in many tissues including the brain. Although growth factor activation of ERK5 innon-neuronal cells has been shown to contribute to cell proliferation, differentiation and transformation, until recently no information was available on the role of ERK5 in neuronalsurvival.

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  • But while there are differences in profitability and target markets, there are not big differences in loan portfolio quality. The top row of Table 3 reports on the quality of loan portfolios for different kinds of institutions, and we show that all in fact do quite well. We focus on nongovernmental organizations, non-bank financial institutions, and banks. For each group, the range of experience is captured with data at the 25th percentile, median, and 75th percentile.

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  • This is the 14th annual Report Card, and we hope it will once again encourage everyone concerned about young North Carolinians to see the big picture and rededicate their efforts to improving the health and safety of the children whose lives they affect. Statewide data are presented for the most current year available (usually 2007) with a comparative year (usually 2002) as a benchmark. Unless otherwise noted, data are presented for calendar years. The specific indicators were chosen not only because they are important, but also because data are available.

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