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  • Dynamic Games are mathematical models of the interaction between different agents who are controlling a dynamical system. Such situations occur in many instances like armed conflicts (e.g. duel between a bomber and a jet fighter), economic competition (e.g. investments in R&D for computer companies), parlor games (Chess, Bridge).

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  • Starting from the in situ quality of waterbodies themselves and working backwards to address threats to quality sounds like simple common sense. It is, but it is not how one would describe the current regulatory system. The focus of the current system is on specific numeric discharge limits applied to a precisely defined universe of pollution sources. The quality of surface waters themselves is a binding regulatory issue only if quality is adequately monitored and if point sources are found to be the source of the problem. Effluent taxes could play an important role in...

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  • Particularly for rented apartments, key control by apartment management is an important issue. Large jury awards have been made to victims of crimes in apartments because of negligent key control and use of a master key. A resident gives up some rights when they move into a multi-residential property. In most cases, the resident, per written agreement, cannot add or replace the lock on their door unless management is given an extra key. By doing this, the management assumes the responsibility of and legal liability for key control.

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  • Complexation of the small serine protease inhibitorSchistocerca gregaria chymotrypsin inhibitor (SGCI), a member of the pacifastin inhibitor family, with bovine chymotrypsin was followed by NMR spectroscopy. 1 H– 15 N correlation (HSQC) spectra of the inhibitor with increasing amounts of the enzyme reveal tight and specific binding in agreement with biochemical data.

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  • 238 Planning and Forecasting be binding upon the partnership and the other partners, regardless of whether such action has been internally authorized (see Exhibit 8.1). Thus, if Jennifer purchases a subscription to the Harvard Business Review for the partnership, and such an action is perceived to be within the ordinary course of the partnership’s business, that obligation can be enforced against the partnership, even if Jean and George had voted against it.

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  • Article 87 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland mentions – among the universally binding legislation – also ratifi ed international conventions/agreements. It means that these con- ventions/agreements form a part of the domestic legal order and have precedence over national laws in the event of potential collision with these laws, if they have been ratifi ed upon prior consent granted by the Act of Parliament (Article 91 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland).

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  • In the context of the 100% CCF for calculating the leverage ratio, Basel III applies a 10% CCF to commitments that are unconditionally cancellable and it also has been argued that such an exception could also be made for trade finance commitments. However, the 10% CCF treatment will only be made for commitments that are unconditionally cancellable at any time by the bank without prior notice.

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  • Globally, GHG emissions rose by 70% between 1970 and 2004. The IPCC predicts rises of between 1° and 6°C from current levels by 2100, depending on the levels of future GHG emissions. If the higher estimates are accurate, there would be catastrophic consequences, so decisive action is a must. In March 2007, as part of a wide-ranging attempt to cut emissions, European heads of state agreed to set legally binding targets to reduce Europe-wide emissions of greenhouse gases by 20% of 1990 levels by 2020. This target may be increased to 30% by 2020 if a new global climate change agreement...

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  • The nuclei in the plasmodiumofPhysarumpolycephalum,as of othermyxomycetes, containhigh amounts of polymalate, which has been proposed to function as a scaffold for the carriage and storage of several DNA-binding proteins [Angerer, B. and Holler, E. (1995) Biochemistry34, 14741– 14751]. By delivering fluorescence-labeled polymalate into a growing plasmodiumby injection, we observedmicroscopic staining of nuclei in agreement with the proposed function.

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