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  • Wastewater of Sao Thai Duong Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics Factory contains high concentration (more than 1000 mg/l) COD and BOD. Besides, some persistent substances are also found such as surfactants, emulsion oil and ammonium. Especially, the quite low BOD/COD ratio of 0.3 makes the treatment process of organic matters more complicated. Furthermore, the troublesome settlement of oil emulsions inhibits the wastewater biological treatment process which results in difficulties for selection of a stable and sustainable technology.

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  • The current study focuses on designing biodegradable transferosomal hydrogel using lignans and bio surfactant for transdermal applications. In the study, the lignans concentrate (LC) was extracted from flaxseeds and used to prepare vesicular transferosomes/transferosomal hydrogel by thin film hydration technique for drug delivery. The resultant formulations were characterized using light microscopy, DLS, Zeta potential, entrapment efficiency (EE %) and stability. In vitro skin permeation studies were also performed. The synthesized transferosomes were spherical in shape.

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  • This paper reviews the mechanisms of oil release and the use of microbes and their metabolic products to enhance oil recovery. Alteration of oil/rock/water interfacial tensions properties and changes in flow behaviour assist the enhancement of oil recovery. Oil recovery can be improved by injecting gases and solvents or by stimulating their production by reservoir microflora in situ for reservoir repressurization and carbonate rock dissolution.

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