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Biofortification and nanoparticles

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  • Zinc (Zn) is a micronutrient, which is involved in activating many physiological and biochemical processes. Inadequate supply of Zn affects crop growth, development and in turn yields. Most of us depend on agriculture based foods which are grown under inadequate Zn supply and hence we get less of Zn as recommended. A few strategic approaches are being adapted to overcome inadequacy of Zn in food. Biofortification is one of the best strategies to enhance the Zn content in the food grain.

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  • The diffusion of television ownership was rapid and demo- graphically broad. Contemporaneous polling data show that tele- vision penetration rose from 8% to 82% from 1949 to 1955 among those with high school degrees, and from 4% to 66% among those without. Other demographic groups tend to show a similar pat- tern: television diffusion was rapid among both whites and non- whites, and among both elderly and nonelderly Americans. 7 In households with television, viewership had already surpassed four and a half hours per day by 1950 (Television Bureau of Ad- vertising 2003)....

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  • The online survey ran from mid August to mid October 2011, targeting16 men and women of all ages from all 22 Arab countries. We received 469 full responses, and 62% of these were from women. At the national level, we highlight three Arab countries—Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE17 —to illustrate similarities and variations between country responses. The typical respondent was aged between 15 and 40 years old, holding at least a bachelor’s degree (with 40% holding master’s degrees).

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  • Achieving an adjustment range of 347 to 525mm is not feasible with normal gas strut mechanisms, since the starting dimension of 347mm requires a gas strut of relatively short stroke (100mm), because larger strokes would result in excessive collapsed heights. Gas struts with strokes of 120mm were most common in the chairs evaluated for the government contract, with starting heights averaging 413mm. However, it is reasonable for chair manufacturers to supply two height ranges which would together cover the range determined by anthropometric data.

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  • Distance-learning business education is a resounding success story. In America, specialist universities, such as the University of Phoenix, have hundreds of thousands of postgraduate business students enrolled. In India the total is probably in the millions. If, perhaps, the very top tier of universities are yet to offer distance pro- grammes, still some very notable ones do: Carnegie Mellon or Thunderbird in America, Warwick or Insitito Empresas in Europe, for example. Yet students who take their MBAs at a distance can find themselves railing against some intense snobbery.

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  • Irish IFs are owned mainly by non-residents, with 26 per cent held by other euro area residents and 68 per cent held by those outside the euro area and just 6 per cent owned by Irish residents. This breakdown reflects a significant move in ownership away from euro area residents to the rest of the world over recent quarters. Similarly most assets owned by Irish resident IFs are domiciled outside the state. When unclassified assets are excluded, just 9.4 per cent of capital is invested in Irish assets, 13.5 per cent invested...

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  • We define the data placement problem for a P2P system as follows. Assume we are given a set of cooperating nodes connected by a network (typically, but not necessarily, the Internet) that has limited bandwidth on each link. Nodes know about and exchange data with a collection of participating peers, and they may serve any or all of four roles. The first of these is a data origin, which provides original content to the system and is the authoritative source of that data.

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  • Drawing on both Eastern and Western cultural traditions, Isamu Noguchi’s sculptures appear to possess “effortlessness,” a virtue Chinese artists once valued above perfection. Together with the numerous individual sculptures that have emerged from Noguchi’s various studios throughout his long and distinguished career, the artist has been involved in major environ- mental projects, especially since the early 1950s.

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  • Consigning your car to a dealer or broker is simple. You either grant an exclusive or a non-exclusive right to sell your car to the dealer or broker of your choice. The cost of this option varies but is generally negotiable. A dealer is typically a licensed establishment with a permanent location or showroom that is open to the public. Brokers may or may not have a showroom, but tend to make connections between buyers and sellers based on their knowledge of the market and who wants to sell or buy at that moment. Both can make the selling process...

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  • The system we are considering needs to support communications for 109 devices. The users using these devices would be interested in peer-to-peer (P2P) style of communication, business- to-business (B2B) interactions or a be part of a system comprising of agents where discoveries are initiated for services from any of these devices. Finally, some of these devices could also be used as part of a computation. The devices are thus part of a complex distributed system. Communication in the system is through events, which are encapsulated within messages.

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  • The discussion of the properties of relative international prices has been closely tied with a discussion on the nature of the pricing decisions by ¯rms. 5 The observed slow pass-through of exchange rate changes to consumer prices and deviations from the law of one price for traded goods are consistent with prices of imported goods that are sticky in the currency of the consumer (local currency pricing). This pricing mechanism, however, dampens the expenditure-switching e®ect of nominal exchange rate movements.

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  • Management of medicines and medical products has improved significantly in recent years due to strong political will and leadership within the MoH and the National Medical Stores.

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  • The signing of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) in 2008 and the creation of the Inclusive Government provided a new beginning for Zimbabwe. Progress on the implementation of the GPA has, however, been mixed.4Some important elements have been implemented such as amendments to the Electoral Act, the appointment of independent Commissions to address Media, Human Rights and Election issues and the issuing of Print and Media Licenses (15 in 2010). Furthermore, a Land Audit Commission and a National Economic Council have been established.

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  • There are several other reasons why sponges are a model laboratory organism to explore the biological consequences of environmental pollution. For the purposes of ease of set-up, freshwater sponges represent a cost- and time-effective study organism. Gemmules grow relatively quickly (within 3-5 days) and require very little equipment to grow. All of our sponges were grown in 24- well tissue culture plates.

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  • Out of the initial sample of 303 restating firms identified from news reports, 216 firms are listed on Standard & Poor’s Compustat database. Out of those, we were able to find a control firm for 185 firms.24 For each of these 185 restating firms, we tried to obtain detailed information on the nature and characteristics of the restatement by reading the relevant SEC filings (Forms 10K, 10K-A, 10Q, and 10Q-A). For 10 firms, despite the initial news reports, we could not find any indication of a restatement in these filings.

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  • The FCC “has generally advocated market-based mechanisms that will promote competition, provide flexibility to broadband providers, and stimulate investment in broadband networks.”5 It believes that “[w]ireless broadband, as well as other alternative broadband platforms such as satellite and broadband over power lines, can create a competitive broadband marketplace and bring the benefits of lower prices, better quality, and greater innovation to consumers.

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  • The regression results do not support the hypothesis that emissions from the two maquiladoras disproportionately affect the poor. The coefficients for CONCENTRATION is only significantly different from zero in one of the four models—that for uncontrolled emissions from the iron foundry. However, the sign is negative. This implies that higher PM10 concentrations are typically found in wealthier AGEBs, not in poorer ones. Thus, overall, we find no evidence that emissions from the two maquiladoras in our sample disproportionately affect the poor.

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  • User Choice and Control. Similarly, project and process management are impacted by this type of effort. For example, departments may find it easy to buy public cloud infrastructure services on a corporate credit card for some projects. While this may be part of your plan, it must be managed by IT. Otherwise, users can circumvent IT’s oversight of service-level, corporate policy, and compliance requirements. IT should participate in the approval and procurement processes to ensure the corporate good. Demand.

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  • An important purpose of the Financial Report is to help citizens and policymakers assess whether current fiscal policy is sustainable and, if it is not, the urgency and magnitude of policy reforms necessary to make it sustainable. A sustainable policy is one where the ratio of debt held by the public to GDP (the debt-to-GDP ratio) is stable in the long run. Sustainability concerns only whether long-run revenues and expenditures are in balance; it does not concern fairness or efficiency implications of the reforms necessary to achieve sustainability.

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  • Deposits - Policies may be “bound”, or formally agreed to, before all the details are worked out. This can result in a “binder” premium, or initial deposit. Policies can also be sold for which the pricing exposure is not initially known, also requiring an initial deposit premium until an estimate of the ultimate premium can be obtained. (Deposit premiums are sometimes used for reinsurance treaties where the final premium is a function of the subject business during the treaty effective period.

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