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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Minireview cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài: Bioinformatics meets systems biology...

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  • The Brazilian Symposium on Bioinformatics (BSB) 2008 was held at Santo Andr´e (S˜ao Paulo), Brazil, August 28–30, 2008. BSB 2008 was the third symposium in the BSB series, although BSB was preceded by the Brazilian Workshop on Bioinformatics (WOB). This previous event had three consecutive editions in 2002 (Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul), 2003 (Maca´e, Rio de Janeiro), and 2004 (Bras´ılia, Distrito Federal). The change from workshop to symposium reflects the increasing quality and interest behind this meeting.

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  • This volume contains the papers presented at the 10th Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology (RECOMB 2006), which was held in Venice, Italy, on April 2–5, 2006. The RECOMB conference series was started in 1997 by Sorin Istrail, Pavel Pevzner and MichaelWaterman. The table on p. VIII summarizes the history of the meetings. RECOMB 2006 was hosted by the University of Padova at the Cinema Palace of the Venice Convention Center, Venice Lido, Italy. It was organized by a committee chaired by Concettina Guerra.

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  • After a successful MEDINFO in 1992, the Swiss Society for Medical Informatics hosts again a major event in medical informatics – the 19 th Medical Informatics Europe Conference, under the generic name of MIE2005. The host city, Geneva, is well known for its commitment in international healthcare, being the residence of several international organisations, including WHO. Geneva is also synonym with other major medical informatics achievements: the DIOGENE hospital information system and Natural Language Processing, both strongly connected to Geneva and its University Hospital...

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  • Bacon (1989) rightly said, “Reading makes a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man”. Writing is an important medium and it is used for different purposes. Writing performs many functions in a person’s day to day life in different areas like academic, official, media, social, cultural and personal settings. Communication to a major extent is carried on through the medium of writing – personal correspondence, telegrams, circulars, reports, memos, minutes of meetings, instructions, email messages, assessment reports, project reports etc.

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  • The auditor must be independent of the issuer and — in the case of mutual funds, independent of the investment company complex. Audit committees should be familiar with the statutory and regulatory independence requirements for auditors, including requirements that the auditor advise the audit committee of any services or relationships that reasonably can be thought to bear on the firm’s independence. The technical competence of the auditor alone is not sufficient to ensure a high-quality audit. The auditor also must exercise a high level of objectivity and professional skepticism.

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  • Against this backdrop, UNEP has developed the Medium-term Strategy 2010–2013 in consultation with the UNEP Committee of Permanent Representatives, the secretariats of UNEP-administered multilateral environmental agreements and representatives of civil society and the private sector. The Medium-term Strategy sets out the next phase in the evolution of UNEP as it becomes a more effective, efficient and results-focused entity, meeting the expectations of Governments and its stakeholders in responding to global environmental challenges and opportunities. ...

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  • Wellness staff looks at every work station in their facilities for conditions that might cause stress, strain and other related work issues, and make corrections as necessary. RNs conduct on-site educational meetings on a variety of health and wellness subjects. The message to employees is we all have to be healthier to control costs. A new employee newsletter titled “Benefits Beat” focuses on all employee benefits and wellness issues.

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  • This report presents the full findings from a new and unique survey designed and conducted according to rigorous standards by the EU Kids Online network. It was funded by the European Commissions’ Safer Internet Programme in order to strengthen the evidence base for policies regarding online safety.  A random stratified sample of 25,142 children aged 9-16 who use the internet, plus one of their parents, was interviewed during Spring/Summer 2010 in 25 European countries.

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  • The General Meeting adopts only resolutions placed in the agenda. Valid resolutions in respect of matters which were not mentioned on the agenda in the convocation letter or which have not been published in the same manner and with due observance of the period set for convocation, can only be taken by unanimous votes in a meeting where the entire issued capital is represented. Resolutions are passed by an absolute majority of the votes cast, unless the Dutch law or the Articles of Association prescribe a greater majority. The agenda contains such business as may be placed...

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