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  • Interstitial cystitis, protein-protein interaction This study was designed to reveal the predictive targets and biological mechanisms of curcumol against interstitial cystitis (IC). By use of available databases and bioinformatic assays, pathogenetic targets of IC and functional targets of curcumol were identified respectively. A network of functional protein-protein interaction (PPI) was produced before screening the main predictive targets, biological processes and signaling pathways of curcumol against IC.

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  • Sex-differences in cancer occurrence and mortality are evident across tumor types; men exhibit higher rates of incidence and often poorer responses to treatment. Targeted approaches to the treatment of tumors that account for these sex-differences require the characterization and understanding of the fundamental biological mechanisms that differentiate them.

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  • Metastasis is a complex process which is difficult to study and model. Experimental ingenuity is therefore essential when seeking to elucidate the biological mechanisms involved.

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  • "Ebook Essentials of stem cell biology" present the content: introduction to stem cells; basic biology/mechanisms; tissue and organ development; methods; applications; regulation and ethics.

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  • Comprehensive analyzing multi-omics biological data in different conditions is important for understanding biological mechanism in system level. Multiple or multi-layer network model gives us a new insight into simultaneously analyzing these data, for instance, to identify conserved functional modules in multiple biological networks.

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  • Self-incompatibility (SI) is a biological mechanism to avoid inbreeding in allogamous plants. In grasses, this mechanism is controlled by a two-locus system (S-Z). Calculation of male and female gamete frequencies is complex for tetraploid species.

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  • Investigation of the biological mechanism by which folate acts to affect fetal development can inform appraisal of expected benefits and risk management. This research is ethically imperative given the ubiquity of folic acid fortified products in the US.

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  • Long intergenic non-coding RNAs (lincRNAs) are capable of regulating several tumours, while competitive endogenous RNA (ceRNA) networks are of great significance in revealing the biological mechanism of tumours. Here, we aimed to study the ceRNA network of lincRNA in glioblastoma (GBM).

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  • Immediately after the first drafts of the human genome sequence were reported almost a decade ago, the importance of genomics and functional genomics studies became well recognized across the broad disciplines of biological sciences research.

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  • Over the last three decades, knowledge on the molecular biology of human cancers has vastly expanded. A host of genes and proteins involved in cancer development and progression have been defined and many mechanisms at the molecular, cellular and even tissue level have been, at least partly, elucidated. Insights have also been gained into the molecular mechanisms underlying carcinogenesis by chemical, physical, and biological agents and into inherited susceptibility to cancer. Accordingly, Part I of the book presents many of the molecules and mechanisms generally important in human cancers.

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  • The contents of this book focus on the recent investigations in molecular biology where applications of topology seem to be very stimulating. The volume is based on the talks and lectures given by participants of the three-month program “Topology in Condensed Matter”, which was held in the Max Planck Institut fur Physik komplexer Systeme, Dresden, Germany, 8May–31 July 2002, under the scientific direction of Professors M. Kl´eman, S. Novikov and myself. The aim of this program was to discuss recent applications of topology to several areas in condensed matter physics and molecular biology..

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  • There is growing evidence on the importance of studies focusing on mechanisms and strategies leading to cancer prevention. The plethora of approaches include regulation of oxidative stress using antioxidant therapies, carefully balanced diets and living habits, epidemiological evidence and molecular approaches on the role of key biological molecules such as antioxidant enzymes, vitamins, proteins and naturally occurring free radical scavengers as well as controversial results and clinical applications. These are some of the topics that this book highlights.

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  • The book "Applied Fracture Mechanics" presents a collection of articles on application of fracture mechanics methods to materials science, medicine, and engineering. In thirteen chapters, a wide range of topics is discussed, including strength of biological tissues, safety of nuclear reactor components, fatigue effects in pipelines, environmental effects on fracture among others. In addition, the book presents mathematical and computational methods underlying the fracture mechanics applications, and also developments in statistical modeling of fatigue.

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  • During the past two decades, reductionist biological science has generated new empirical data on the molecular foundations of biological structure and function at an accelerating rate. The list of organisms whose complete genomes have been sequenced is growing by the week. Annotations of these sequences are becoming more comprehensive, and databases of protein structure are growing at impressive, indeed formerly unimaginable rates.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'intermediate physics for medicine and biology - fourth edition', y tế - sức khoẻ, y học thường thức phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Although the chapters included in this book are all addressing protein interactions, we try to separate them into two parts according to their objectives. Chapters in part 1 mainly focus on the investigation of some specific protein-protein or protein-nucleic acid interactions, and try to elucidate the mechanism of specific cellular processes. Part 1 provides some insight of why and how to study protein interactions, and illustrates some approaches to modulate protein interactions.

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  • Over the past decade, there has been a vast explosion in new information relating to the art and science of dermatology as well as fundamental cutaneous biology. Furthermore, this information is no longer of interest only to the small but growing specialty of dermatology. Scientists from a wide variety of disciplines have come to recognize both the importance of skin in fundamental biological processes and the broad implications of understanding the pathogenesis of skin disease. As a result, there is now a multidisciplinary and worldwide interest in the progress of dermatology....

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  • This book is intended as a companion to Thermodynamics and Kinetics for the Biological Sciences, published in 2000.These two books are based on a course that has been given to first-year graduate students in the biological sciences at Duke University.These students typically do not have a strong background in mathematics and have not taken a course in physical chemistry. The intent of both volumes is to introduce the concepts of physical chemistry that are of particular interest to biologists with a minimum of mathematics.

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  • Figure 80-1 Induction of p53 by the DNA damage and oncogene checkpoints. In response to noxious stimuli, p53 and mdm2 are phosphorylated by the ataxia telangiectasia mutated (ATM) and related ATR serine/threonine kinases, as well as the immediated downstream checkpoint kinases, Chk1 and Chk2. This causes dissociation of p53 from mdm2, leading to increased p53 protein levels and transcription of genes leading to cell cycle arrest (p21Cip1/Waf1) or apoptosis (e.g., the proapoptotic Bcl-2 family members Noxa and Puma).

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  • Antiangiogenic Therapy Understanding the molecular mechanisms that regulate tumor angiogenesis may provide unique opportunities for cancer treatment. Acquired drug resistance of tumor cells due to their high intrinsic mutation rate is a major cause of treatment failure in human cancers. ECs comprising the tumor vasculature are genetically stable and do not share genetic changes with tumor cells; the EC apoptosis pathways are therefore intact.

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