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  • from the Latin cella, meaning storeroom or chamber. It was first used in biology in 1665 by the English botanist Robert Hooke to describe the individual units of the honeycomb-like structure he observed in cork under a compound microscope. The “cells” Hooke observed were actually the empty lumens of dead cells surrounded by cell walls, but the term is an apt one because cells are the basic building blocks that define plant structure. This book will emphasize the physi

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  • The Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS) was established in 1958 with the mission to improve the quality of biology education at all levels. Not long after the inception of the organization, our mission was expanded to include the improvement of science education, not just biology education. In 2000, we further articulated this mission to describe the work we would do in curriculum develop- ment, professional development, and research and evaluation.

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  • In this Unit, you will discover What molecules make up cells How the cell membrane separates cells from their external environment but allows substances into and out of the cell What special functions cell structures have and how these contribute to keeping an organism alive What processes in cells capture and release the energy needed for survival and how we harness these processes Cellular Functions It has been said that we are made of the stuff of stars. What do you think this means? The pine wood cells pictured on the right and all other organisms on Earth are made mostly of only...

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  • This report continues the National Academies’ efforts in the reform of education by calling on researchers to recognize the importance of teaching and to join together with educators to promote undergraduate learning. The goal in this case is to prepare the next generation of biological researchers for the tremendous opportunities ahead. Attaining this goal will require that faculty spend more time discussing their teaching with their colleagues, both within and outside of their own field or department.

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  • Research objectives: Supplement and complete a biodata and production technics of a native species with high economic values; the findings of the study are references for future researches, curriculums, technical officers, advisors and students; the study is also expected to build a technical guidance for producing Phay’s seedlings contributing to development andproduction of Phay, a native large-timber species, in Bac Kan province and other provinces with similar natural conditions.

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  • We live in the age of biology—the human and many other organisms’ genomes have been sequenced and we are starting to understand the function of the metabolic machinery responsible for life on our planet. Thousands of new genes have been discovered, many of these coding for enzymes of yet unknown function. Understanding the kinetic behavior of an enzyme provides clues to its possible physiological role. From a biotechnological point of view, knowledge of the catalytic properties of an enzyme is required for the design of immobilized enzyme-based industrial processes.

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  • Notwithstanding the above, the incorporation of business education, including entrepreneurship education, within veterinary curricula is still relatively new, despite the long-standing recognition that the provision of business skills will benefit both veterinary graduates and employers. However, the typical positioning of business topics within the professional studies strand of the veterinary curriculum has been somewhat problematic, with anecdotal evidence suggesting that such non-clinical topics tend to be viewed by students as peripheral rather than core.

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  • The Goodwin-Niering Center for Conservation Biology and Environmental Studies at Connecticut College is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program that builds on one of the nation’s leading undergraduate environmental studies programs. The Center fosters research, education, and curriculum development aimed at understanding contemporary ecological challenges.

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  • In light of limited evidence that the currently concentrated market for large public company audits has created significant adverse impact and the general lack of any proposals that were clearly seen as effective in addressing the risks of concentration or challenges facing smaller firms without serious drawbacks, we found no compelling need to take action. As a result, this report does not include any recommendations. We provided copies of a draft of this report to SEC, DOJ, PCAOB, and the Department of the Treasury.

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  • Biological sciences in nursing has seen a change in status over the last 20 years. As a nurse educator, I became aware that with the introduction of the ‘nursing model’ all signs of biology were banished from the curriculum. Anatomy and physiology were thought to be akin to the ‘medical model’, and as such they fell outside the nurse’s territory. At all costs, nurses had to be seen as autonomous practitioners in their own right.

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  • Various hypotheses have been advanced to explain the high prevalence of mental health problems during the perinatal period, ranging from biological (e.g., hormones and neurochemical modifications) to psychological (e.g., personality types and ways of thinking) and social determinants (e.g., gender disparities in access to education and income-generating opportunities, social roles, disproportionate burden of unpaid work, exposure to family violence, low autonomy, poverty and coincidental adversity) explanations.

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  • Based on the findings from the pilot study, the Ministry of Education and its partner, the Population Training Group (GEEP), integrated ARH within schools. GEEP, which was responsible for the school intervention during the OR study, continues to introduce and teach the curriculum for adolescent health, le Devenir Accompagné [A Guide for the Future]. This curriculum has been revised and is being edited; and most teachers throughout Senegal are aware of it.

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  • THE IMMORTAL LIFE OF HENRIETTA LACKS Official Teacher's Guide is structured to provide discussion and writing activities that will engage students in researching, reading, and writing with this book across the curriculum. Links to several radio…

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  • A number of institutions in India are utilizing the services of EDUSAT for educational purposes like imparting curriculum-based education, development of digital course wares, providing professional educational courses, conducting teleconferencing sessions, conducting inter-active orientation/training programmes of teachers and teachers’ educators, and organizing group discussion, lectures, demonstrations, video-shows, training programmes, seminars and capacity building programmes.

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  • Proximity. Experience implementing PPHE in two residency programs confirmed that each program requires its own director onsite. The pediatric and family medicine programs and clinics are housed at separate locations throughout Long Island, which meant that communications were sometimes delayed. The value of onsite directors is underscored by the fact that PPHE curriculum components may need to be modified since pediatrics and family medicine follow different Residency Review Committee program requirements. ...

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  • Physical chemistry of macromolecules is a course that is frequently offered in the biochemistry curriculum of a college or university. Occasionally, it is also offered in the chemistry curriculum. When it is offered in the biochemistry curriculum, the subject matter is usually limited to biological topics and is identical to biophysical chemistry. When it is offered in the chemistry curriculum, the subject matter is often centered around synthetic polymers and the course is identical to physical polymer chemistry.

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  • Undergraduate biomedical engineering programs and curricula are being rapidly developed across the United States. We perceive a correspondingly increasing need for biomedical engineering textbooks specifically designed for undergraduate readers. Many educators have come to appreciate that physiology and biology are not narrow, specialized applications to be ‘‘tacked onto’’ an engineering curriculum, but are instead rich subjects that can naturally elicit and benefit from the kinds of creative problem-solving and quantitative analyses that are hallmarks of engineering.

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  • What is ‘biochemical pharmacology’? • A fancy way of saying ‘pharmacology’, and of hiding the fact that we are sneaking a subject of medical interest into the UW biochemistry curriculum. • An indication that we are not going to discuss prescriptions for your grandmother’s aching knee; we will focus on the scientific side of things but not on whether to take the small blue pill before or after the meal. What is it not? • A claim that we accurately understand the mechanism of action of each practically useful drug in biochemical terms.

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  • Since their publication in 1996, the National Science Education Standards (NSES) have been at the center of the science education reform movement in the United States. Prior to that time, the National Science Foundation, other government agencies, and private foundations had supported the development of a plethora of curricula and approaches to instruction; these led to such R&D organizations as the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study, the Chemical Bond Approach, and the Physical Science Study Committee.

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  • Interestingly, proposals for curriculum reform tend not to emphasize ways to include more and more specific content. Instead, a review of 24 proposals for medical curriculum reform found that they consistently focused on values, especially the social nature and self-regulation of the medical profession (Christakis 1995). Somehow, from all of these jostling interest groups, priorities and multiple regulations and examination requirements, a Dean and faculty must come up with a curriculum.

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