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  • Trong chương này, chúng tôi sẽ nghiên cứu các chiến lược tìm kiếm mù (blind search): tìm kiếm theo bề rộng (breadth-first search) và tìm kiếm theo độ sâu (depth-first search). Hiệu quả của các phương pháp tìm kiếm này cũng sẽ được đánh giá.

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  • Chapters in the first part of the book cover all the essential speech processing techniques for building robust, automatic speech recognition systems: the representation for speech signals and the methods for speech-features extraction, acoustic and language modeling, efficient algorithms for searching the hypothesis space, and multimodal approaches to speech recognition.

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  • Addiction is a terrible thing. It consumes and controls us, makes us deny important truths and blinds us to the consequences of our actions. Our world is in the grip of a dangerous carbon habit. Coal and oil paved the way for the developed world’s industrial progress.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Research Article Blind Channel Equalization Using Constrained Generalized Pattern Search Optimization and Reinitialization Strategy

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  • This book is the second volume by the author on Prolog programming and its applications written for Ventus. Whereas in the first book [9], specific Prolog programming techniques were explained, in this volume we discuss some areas where Prolog can be fruitfully employed. Both books owe their existence to the recognition that the higher educational system (in the UK) does not offer enough opportunities for students to experience the satisfaction associated with successfully completing a technical task.

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  • If that's not enough for you, it's totally customizable. A serious second choice is the new Google DeskBar which shares many of the features of Dave's Search Bar but is geared exclusively to Google searches. (380KB) (452KB) Best Free Download Accelerator Updated Star Downloader 1.43 is not only free of charge, it's free of ads, spyware and other undesirable extras packed into most free download accelerators.

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  • The shaky methodological foundations of the understanding of the relationship between new media and contentious politics are a problem for policymakers and activists as well as social scientists. Acting effectively in the world requires getting the causal relationships right. Re- search design matters. Many claims currently made about the effects of new media are blind to hidden variables, confuse output with impact, or assume causal relationships that may be spurious. The first step must therefore be to get the research design right.

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  • A dictionary is an extremely valuable reference book, but its familiarity tends to blind adults to the high level of intelligence required to read it. This aspect becomes apparent, however, when school children are observed learning dictionary skills. Children do not respect syntactic category and often wander into the wrong lexieai entry, apparently in search of something they can understand. They also find it difficult to match the sense of a polysemous word to the context of a particular passage.

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  • With the exceptions of EMBASE, Agricola and the Internet, selection of articles from the library databases and the International Journal of Obesity were carried out in dupli- cate by two independent researchers blinded to each other’s selections. The continuously changing nature of the Inter- net impeded a duplicate selection. Because of time con- straints, selection was not carried out in duplicate for Agricola and Embase, which were added after the first search had been conducted.

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