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  • (BQ) Part 1 of the document Blood pressure monitoring in cardiovascular medicine and therapeutics presents the following contents: Self-Monitoring of blood pressure; evaluation of journals, diaries, and indexes of worksite and environmental stress; electronic activity recording in cardiovascular disease; ambulatory monitoring of blood pressure - devices, analysis and clinical utility,...

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  • (BQ) Continued part 1, part 2 of the document Blood pressure monitoring in cardiovascular medicine and therapeutics presents the following contents: Importance of heart rate in determining cardiovascular risk; sodium, potassium the sympathetic nervous system and the renin–angiotensin system - impact on the circadian variability in blood pressure; prognostic value of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring; circadian rhythm of myocardial infarction and sudden cardiac death;...

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Critical Care cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài: Arterial blood pressure monitoring in overweight critically ill patients: invasive or noninvasive?

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Critical Care giúp cho các bạn có thêm kiến thức về ngành y học đề tài: Peripheral arterial blood pressure monitoring adequately tracks central arterial blood pressure in critically ill patients: an observational study...

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  • part 2 book “understanding anesthetic equipment & procedures - a practical approach” has contents: oxygen therapy devices and humidification systems video laryngoscopy, fiberoptic airway management, electrocardiogram monitoring and defibrillators, pulse oximeters , noninvasive and invasive blood pressure monitoring,… and other contents.

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  • (bq) part 1 book “atlas of procedures in neonatology” has contents: informed consent for procedures, aseptic preparation, analgesia and sedation in the newborn, temperature monitoring, temperature monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, continuous blood gas monitoring,… and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 of the document Emergency critical care and decision making has contents: Emergency critical care, tissue oxygenation and cardiac output, noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring, arterial blood pressure monitoring, the central venous and pulmonary artery catheter,… and other contents. Invite you to refer.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 of the document The ICU and hemodynamic monitoring has contents: Blood pressure measuremen, mean arterial pressure, the pulse pressure, transpulmonary thermodilution, doppler methods, thoracic bioimpedance,... and other contents. Invite you to refer.

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  • This study aimed to determine the effects of an herbal formula named TD0014 on the electrostimulationinduced erection in a rat model. Eighteen sixteen-week-old male Wistar rats were used. The intracavernous pressure and the arterial blood pressure were simultaneously monitored during cavernous nerve electrical stimulation before and after the administration of TD0014 (1.8 g/kg).

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  • (BQ) Part 1 of the document The stroke patient and methods of critical care has contents: Intracranial pressure monitoring in cerebrovascular disease, cerebral blood flow, antivirus therapy in cerebrovascular disease, anagement of lumbar drains in cerebrovascular disease,... and other contents. Invite you to refer.

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  • Biomedical Engineering is an exciting and emerging interdisciplinary field that combines engineering with life sciences. The relevance of this area can be perceived in our everyday lives every time we go to hospital, receive medical treatment or even when we buy health products such as an automatic blood pressure monitor device. Over the past years we have experienced a great technological development in health care and this is due to the joint work of engineers, mathematicians, physicians, computer scientists and many other professionals....

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  • The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of Trypanosoma evansi infections on arterial blood gases of experimentally infected rats. Two groups with eight animals each were used; group A (uninfected) and group B (infected). Infected animals were daily monitored through blood smears that showed high parasitemia with 30 trypanosomes per field (1000•) on average, 5 days post-infection (PI). Arterial blood was collected at 5 days PI for blood gas analysis using an automated method based on dry-chemistry.

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  • Preeclampsia: Treatment Preeclampsia resolves within a few weeks after delivery. For pregnant women with preeclampsia prior to 37 weeks' gestation, delivery reduces the mother's morbidity but exposes the fetus to the risk of premature delivery. The management of preeclampsia is challenging because it requires the clinician to balance the health of both mother and fetus simultaneously and to make management decisions that afford both the best opportunities for infant survival.

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  • The federal government’s role in financing and administering these two loan programs differs significantly. Under FFELP, private lenders, such as banks, provide loan capital and the federal government guarantees FFELP lenders a minimum rate of return on the loans they make and repayment if borrowers default.1 Additionally, state-designated guaranty agencies perform a variety of administrative functions in FFELP. Under the Direct Loan Program, federal funds are used as loan capital and are provided through participating schools.

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