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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "High-Yield neuroanatomy" presents the following contents: Neurohistology, development of the nervous system, cross sectional anatomy of the brain; meninges, ventricles and cerebrospinal fluid; blood supply, spinal cord, autonomic nervous system, tracts of the spinal cord, lesions of the spinal cord.

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  • Case studies for emerging risks in the second section include evidence-based precautionary interventions to safeguard blood supplies, the evaluation of nanoparticle deposition in the lung and nasal airways and the discourse surrounding emerging potential health risks of genetically modified animals consumed as food. The third chapter by Tyshenko et al.

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  • Every career in health care begins with learning the vast and challenging language of medical terminology. Without adequate learning and teaching resources, it can be an overwhelming challenge for students and faculty. This new edition of Medical Terminology: An Illustrated Guide meets that challenge with a clear organizational scheme, full-color illustrations with a strong clinical focus, a wide array of effective pedagogical features, a variety of activities, and useful ancillaries to make teaching and learning more effective.

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  • In any surgical fi eld, the importance of suturing is selfevident. In eye surgery, due to the lack of elasticity of the tissues and the infl uence of sutures on the visual outcome, proper microsurgical suturing technique is paramount. Inappropriate or careless suture placement and knot tying can impact visual function. If wound construction and closure are not astigmatically neutral, the visual outcome will be altered and further surgical intervention may be required. Wound related complications are more severe in the eye than in the skin.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Sobotta atlas of human anatomy" presents the following contents: Head (verview, skeleton and joints, muscles, topography, vessels and nerves,...), eye (overview, outer ear, middle ear, auditory tube, inner ear,..), ear, neck, brain and spinal cord.

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  • This book began as a study of Japanese public policy, more specifically the legal, ethical, and political dimensions of health policy debates in Japan. Having studied medico-legal conflicts in the United States, and the tensions they generated between public health and individual rights, state power and personal privacy, medical paternalism and patients’ rights, I decided to examine how such concerns were addressed in Japan with regard to AIDS policy and the definition of death.

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  • How much of a supplemental nutrient to apply should be determined based on prior experience of the farmer, obser- vation of plant growth, knowledge of soil characteristics such as organic matter, cation exchange capacity, phosphorus and potassium supplying ability, and base saturation, knowl- edge of crop needs and field history, and understanding of the nutrient supplying power of the material to be used. An example of nutrient application rates is provided in Table 2. Overapplication can cause problems in crop production as well as in the environment.

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  • There are two papillary muscles associated with the mitral valve (Fig. 3) When looking from the atrial side, the anterolateral is to the left and the posteromedial is to the right. The muscles are located under their respective commissures. They originate from the lower third of the left ventricular free wall. The papillary muscles are extensions of the ventricular muscle from which they originate. The chords originate from the fibrous tips of these muscles, extending to insert on the mitral leaflets.

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  • Zhang et al. Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research 2010, 5:15 RESEARCH ARTICLE Open Access Evaluation of a pig femoral head osteonecrosis model Ping Zhang1,2, Yun Liang3, Harry Kim4, Hiroki Yokota1,2* Abstract Background: A major cause of osteonecrosis of the femoral head is interruption of a blood supply to the proximal femur.

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  • Around 70% of all agricultural land is used to grow crops for livestock, a result of an increase in meat consumption (the average person in the UK now eats 79kg of meat per year). Agriculture on this scale requires massive amounts of water, and accounts for 8% of the global water supply. If current agricultural trends continue, the impacts will become more severe and increasingly unsustainable. This will be exacerbated by population growth and demand for biofuels.

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  • Obviously, in this case we cannot fully eliminate the identification and causality problem because firms’ profits/losses may affect their demand for credit as well. In order to circumvent this problem (at least partly) we use in addition an interaction variable between the profitability dummy and the lagged value of the access to credit variable. The rationale is to test whether long-term enterprise-bank relations are associated with the firm’s viability.

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  • The climate in Western Australia is predominately Mediterranean and as a result the winter rainfall from May to August provides for grass growth in the months of June through to November (Figure 1). However, there is a resulting shortfall in grass growth for the remaining months of the year which must be addressed. This pattern of grass growth is not adequate to feed a cow for her entire lactation. Alternatives to grass growth such as irrigated pasture are limited due to competition for scarce urban water supplies, the increasing energy costs of...

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  • Stroke This occurs when interruption of blood supply from the posterior cerebral artery to the visual cortex is prolonged. The only finding on examination is a homonymous visual field defect that stops abruptly at the vertical meridian. Occipital lobe stroke is usually due to thrombotic occlusion of the vertebrobasilar system, embolus, or dissection. Lobar hemorrhage, tumor, abscess, and arteriovenous malformation are other common causes of hemianopic cortical visual loss. Factitious (Functional, Nonorganic) Visual Loss This is claimed by hysterics or malingerers.

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  • The central mechanism of DIC is the uncontrolled generation of thrombin by exposure of the blood to pathologic levels of tissue factor (Fig. 110-3). Simultaneous suppression of physiologic anticoagulant mechanisms and abnormal fibrinolysis further accelerate the process. Together these abnormalities contribute to systemic fibrin deposition in small and mid-sized vessels. The duration and intensity of the fibrin deposition can compromise the blood supply of many organs, especially the lung, kidney, liver, and brain, with consequent organ failure.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Relationship between oxygen supply and cerebral blood flow assessed by transcranial Doppler and near – infrared spectroscopy in healthy subjects during breath – holding

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Relationship between oxygen supply and cerebral blood flow assessed by transcranial Doppler and near – infrared spectroscopy in healthy subjects during breath – holding

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  • UNFPA responds to emergencies in a wide range of situations and settings. The need might be to reach women in a refugee camp to work only with men, or to find internally displaced persons who are dispersed throughout the local population. Conditions may be hostile or hospitable, politically charged or on the path to peace; they are never easy.

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  • Brazil has a relatively low level of domestic savings. Hausmann (2008) argues that Brazil’s low domestic savings is the most binding constraint to growth and the reason for its high real interest rates. A similar argument about the effect of low savings on real interest rates is made by Fraga (2005). Miranda and Muinhos (2003) refer to this argument as well, but do not test it empirically. The intuition behind this argument is compelling.

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  • Your money earns money. When your money goes to work, it may earn a steady paycheck. Someone pays you to use your money for a period of time. When you get your money back, you get it back plus “interest.” Or, if you buy stock in a compa- ny that pays “dividends” to shareholders, the company may pay you a portion of its earnings on a regular basis. Your money can make an “income,” just like you. You can make more money when you and your money work. You buy something with your money that could in- crease in value.

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  • Cogeneration or CHP (Combined Heat and Power). The terms cogeneration and CHP are used interchangeably in this paper and are defined as the combined simultaneous generation of heat and electrical energy with a common source of fuel. Common examples of cogeneration applications include pulp and paper mills, steel mills, food and chemical processing plants, and District Heating (DH) applications.

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