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  • Volume 1: The ancient world. Volume 1 covers the ancient world, including prehistoric manand the ancient cultures of Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, Greece, andRome. Key issues covered in this volume include the early use ofanimal skins as garments, the introduction of fabric as the primaryhuman body covering, and the development of distinct cultural tra-ditions for draped and fitted garmen

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  • Volume 5 - Modern world part II: 1946-2003. Volumes 5 discuss what is some-times referred to as the democratization of fashion. At the begin-ning of the twentieth century, high quality, stylish clothes weredesigned by and made available to a privileged elite; by the middleto end of the century, well-made clothes were widely available inthe West, and new styles came from creative and usually youth-oriented cultural groups as often as they did from designers.

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  • Volume 2: Early cultures across the globe. Volume 2 looks at the transition from the ancient world tothe Middle Ages, focusing on the Asian cultures of China and Japan,the Byzantine Empire, the nomadic and barbarian cultures of earlyEurope, and Europe in the formative Middle Ages. This volume alsohighlights several of the ancient cultures of North America, Southand Central America, and Africa that were encountered by Europeans during the Age of Exploration that began in the fifteenthcentury.

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  • Volume 4 - Modern world part I: 1900-1945. Volumes 4 cover the period of Western history since1900. These volumes trace the rise of the fashion designer as theprimary creator of new clothing styles, chart the impact of technol-ogy on costume traditions, and present the innovations made pos-sible by the introduction of new synthetic, or man-made, materials.Perhaps most importantly.

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  • Vvolume 3 - European culture from the Renaissance to the modern era. Volume 3 featuresthe costume traditions of the developing European nation-statesin the fifteenth through the nineteenth centuries, and looks at theimportance of the royal courts in introducing clothing styles andthe shift from home-based garmentmaking to shop-based and thenfactory-based industry.

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  • 144 Chapter 3: Elements of Style In a manner similar to the font property, the various background properties can be combined into one rule using the background property. The ordering is color, image, repeat attachment, and position. For example: body { background: white url(shading.png) repeat-y static 0px 10px; } This format is encouraged because it is more widely supported among older browsers and is shorter to type. Any property values not specified are given their default values.

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  • Cartoon angel drawing can be challenging until you use these steps. If you find that you are advancing in your ability to draw your cartoon objects, the next object for you to try may be a cartoon angel. This creation is a little more difficult than some, but when you are done, it will really be something to be proud of! You can use them as Christmas tree decorations, or let your kids color them in! Step 1 - The Head and Body We'll start this little angel with the head and body. Simply put, the head is just...

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  • lace rectangular shawl a beautiful and delicate lace rectangular shawl with decorative body panel and edging. this shawl is perfect for a wedding or simply for everyday use. This pattern is for personal use only. You are not allowed to redistribute or publish this pattern in any form without my written permission.

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  • Yet with all the intensity of the emotion, the figure is given a strict, symmetrical form. It is a severe, rectangular shape with a head as large as the torso, supported on short, stocky legs. The arms, held close to the sides, terminate in hands that join at the fingertips, appearing rather meek, even as they accent the rectangle. The feet, too, accent this regular, geometric shape. Within the severity of the form, the body is decorated in swirling patterns and angular chevrons. The nose, formed of curving shapes comes to a sharp, hooked point....

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  • The fifth century BC is known as the golden age of ancient Greece. Greek art from this time is characterized by a realistic rendering of human anatomy and the movement of the body through space. Many variations of this type of statue were made, but some scholars associate this sculpture with the work of the Greek artist Agorakritos. He was an Athenian artist of the fifth century BC and a student of the renowned ancient Greek artist Pheidias.

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