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  • Are you ready to rethink and redefine your approach to aging? This powerhouse book tells you how to go from dreading it to making it the greatest passage of your life!Dubbed a health pioneer by the Wall Street Journal and called “crazy smart” by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Suzanne Somers has repeatedly opened up new terrain to health seekers worldwide.

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  • Drop a bombshell, Get the drop on, Wait for the other shoe to drop.

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  • drop Idioms drop a bombshell - to announce some shocking news The government dropped a bombshell when they announced that they were going to close the hospital. drop a hint - to casually make a hint or suggestion about something The clerk dropped a hint that he wanted to transfer to the new department. drop around - to come for a visit My friend plans to drop around for a visit tomorrow. drop back - to move or step backwards, to retreat During the hike my foot began to get sore so I decided to drop back and rest for awhile. drop by - to visit someone My uncle dropped...

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