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  • K nowing body chemistry is important because people’s lives and health are important.To place this on a personal level, yotrr life and health are important.The reason I have devoted my life to the healing arts and teaching people how to live healthy lives is because I truly feel people-like you-are important. If you want to have a healthy life, you have to learn how to go about it. I have invested seventy years of my life learning how to take care of patients at my “live-in’’ health ranches, following what is called “the nature cure” phlosophy.

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  • SWFs pose a complex challenge for policy makers. On one hand, SWFs are long-term investment vehicles looking beyond quarterly results and therefore serve as stable funding sources during financial turbulence. On the other hand, however, there are operational concerns stemming from government control (i.e., lack of transparency and possible non-commercial investment goals). Without transparency, it is difficult to attain a clear picture of SWF investment activity. A lack of SWF transparency can also obscure governance and risk-management problems within SWFs....

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  • Gerard Manley Hopkins was born in Stratford, East London in July 1844. Situated just beyond the metropolitan boundary, then, as now, the area was changing rapidly. With the arrival of the Great Eastern Railway’s locomotive works it was “cut up in all directions by branches of railways” (Olsen 1976: 275-6) but also suffered, as Norman White points out, as a consequence of London’s environmental diligence.

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