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  • This paper presents in situ tests which were performed on both single piles and pile groups, loaded to failure, with the aim of studying the pile group effect of piles embedded in multi-layered foundation. Strain gauges were installed along the shaft of 10 m long steel pipe piles, with a diameter of 143 mm. The influence of loose sand layers on the group effect in case of friction piles was evaluated. The experimental results indicated that the influence of sand layers was evident, and the group factor was calculated to be 1.237.

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  • . In the pile-soil model, the lateral load is located at the pile head including both lateral force and bending moment. The single pile is considered as a beam on elastic foundation while shear beams model the soil column below the pile toe. The differential equations governing pile deflections are derived based on the energy principles and variational approaches.

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  • Give the cards a good shuffle. Spread them the table face down. Now think of the colour RED and select any 13 cards. Shuffle again if you wish, then think of the colour BLACK and select another 13 cards at random. Take both sets of selected cards and turn them face up in a single pile, keeping the rest of the cards in a face down spread. Now the remote control starts. Concentrate. You are going to separate the cards you selected (and that are now in your face-up pile) into two piles, a RED pile and a BLACK pile, in...

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  • The paired cards, four from the left and three from the right are then divided into two piles, forming two identical piles containing seven cards (an odd number). But because all the way through you’ve been stressing, “Here’s a pair”, your volunteer hasn’t noticed. They assume both piles are even. Yes, it’s another mind slip to cover the simple maths. With two piles of seven cards, adding the last single card turns that pile into an eight. So when you count them off two by two they are a full set of four even pairs. The spectator wonders, “Where did...

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