Boundary constraints

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  • This paper describes a novel instancebased sentence boundary determination method for natural language generation that optimizes a set of criteria based on examples in a corpus. Compared to existing sentence boundary determination approaches, our work offers three significant contributions. First, our approach provides a general domain independent framework that effectively addresses sentence boundary determination by balancing a comprehensive set of sentence complexity and quality related constraints.

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  • Many of us in the social sciences long to transfer knowledge across dis- ciplinary boundaries in a way that is true to our discipline yet useful to other disciplines. One way to satisfy this longing is to seize articles that address similar issues from dif erent disciplines and piece them together to forge new intellectual coherence that can push forward the frontiers of knowledge. This seems to be the way in which new i elds of study take root. While I applaud this style of scholarship and its development, this book attempts to do something a little dif erent....

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  • Differential evolution is one of the most recent global optimizers. Discovered in 1995 it rapidly proved its practical efficiency. This book gives you a chance to learn all about differential evolution. On reading it you will be able to profitably apply this reliable method to problems in your field. As for me, my passion for intelligent systems and optimization began as far back as during my studies at Moscow State Technical University of Bauman, the best engineering school in Russia. At that time, I was gathering material for my future thesis.

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  • When the history of the Nineteenth Century--'the Wonderful Century,' as it has, not inaptly, been called--comes to be written, a foremost place must be assigned to that great movement by which evolution has become the dominant factor in scientific progress, while its influence has been felt in every sphere of human speculation and effort. At the beginning of the Century, the few who ventured to entertain evolutionary ideas were regarded by their scientific contemporaries, as wild visionaries or harmless 'cranks'--by the world at large, as ignorant 'quacks' or 'designing atheists.

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  • We present a CYK and an Earley-style algorithm for parsing Range Concatenation Grammar (RCG), using the deductive parsing framework. The characteristic property of the Earley parser is that we use a technique of range boundary constraint propagation to compute the yields of non-terminals as late as possible. Experiments show that, compared to previous approaches, the constraint propagation helps to considerably decrease the number of items in the chart.

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  • While the above-mentioned, changes the business dynamic fundamentally, much of the excitement surrounding the WWW emerges from the belief that the WWW and the resulting marketspace possess a far greater potential for value creation. In marketspace the constraints of time, place, and geographic boundaries are completely eliminated. The entrepreneur now has the ability to provide information to customers on demand, while possessing the ability to transact business at all times with customers that may be geographically scattered.

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  • We show how web mark-up can be used to improve unsupervised dependency parsing. Starting from raw bracketings of four common HTML tags (anchors, bold, italics and underlines), we refine approximate partial phrase boundaries to yield accurate parsing constraints. Conversion procedures fall out of our linguistic analysis of a newly available million-word hyper-text corpus.

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  • This paper describes an ongoing effort to parse the Hebrew Bible. The parser consults the bracketing information extracted from the cantillation marks of the Masoetic text. We first constructed a cantillation treebank which encodes the prosodic structures of the text. It was found that many of the prosodic boundaries in the cantillation trees correspond, directly or indirectly, to the phrase boundaries of the syntactic trees we are trying to build.

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  • The order of prenominal adjectival modifiers in English is governed by complex and difficult to describe constraints which straddle the boundary between competence and performance. This paper describes and compares a number of statistical and machine learning techniques for ordering sequences of adjectives in the context of a natural language generation system. the large red American car ??the American red large car *car American red the large Some orders are more marked than others, but none are strictly speaking ungrammatical. ...

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